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Cisco and Global Citizen — Global Citizen Prize: Cisco Youth Leadership Award

Cisco and Global Citizen invites applications for the Global Citizen Prize: Cisco Youth Leadership Award. The Award is made to a young individual (18-30 years) who has contributed meaningfully towards the goal of ending global poverty. Global Citizen accepts applications from individuals who have, or contribute to, a registered legal entity such as non-profit, for-profit, or social enterprise. The award includes a US$250 thousand prize paid to the organization to which the individual contributes. Submissions will close on 15 December 2023. Youth Leadership Award

Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles — Grants in Herpetology

The Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles (SSAR) makes 12 grants of US$500 each for herpetological field research, education, and conservation. Applications are submitted by individuals. Some grant categories are restricted to SSAR members and students, while others are open to everyone. The application deadline is 15 December 2023. Click here

Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen — CrossCulture Program 2024

The Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa) seeks professionals and volunteers from South and Southeast Asia, Eurasia and Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia, and MENA countries to participate in a 2-3 months training program at host organizations in Germany or in CCP partner countries. Professional fellowships are being offered in Sustainable Development, and five other fields. The Fellowship covers travel expenses, accommodation, insurance, and a monthly allowance of €650. The applicant must be between the ages of 23 and 45 and have at least two years of proven professional experience or volunteer work in a civil society organization in the country of origin. The deadline for application is 18 December 2023. About the program

Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation — Training Program on Fishery Oceanography

The International Training Centre for Operational Oceanography aims to familiarize young professionals in the Indian ocean-rim (IOR) countries with the latest developments in the field. The course is exclusively designed to train the fisheries professionals. Candidates should have a fundamental knowledge of marine biology (fisheries). Applications are open until 18 December 2023. Details

MasterCard Foundation — Scholarships for Africans at the University of Edinburgh 2024

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program funds citizens and residents of Sub-Saharan Africa for graduate studies at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. The fields of study include Environment; Food Security; Sustainable Energy Systems; and others. The Foundation will provide 3-year part-time online Master’s scholarships and 2-year part-time postgraduate diploma scholarships, which will cover the full tuition fees and expenses for accommodation and maintenance. The application process closes 07 December 2023. Scholarship for Africans

Wikimedia — Research Fund

The Wikimedia Research Fund provides support to individuals, groups, and organizations who have limited access to research funding and are proposing work that has a positive impact on their local communities. Requests may range from US$2 thousand to a maximum of US$50 thousand. The application submission deadline is 15 December 2023. Know more

World Wildlife Fund U.S. — Alumni Grants 2024

The Alumni Grants are one part of the Russell E. Train Education for Nature Program at WWF-US. Alumni Grants provide ongoing support of former WWF-US fellows and scholars to conduct research or attend conferences and workshops. Applicants may request up to US$5,000. Applicants must submit an application by 18 December 2023 or 01 March 2024. WWF Alumni Grants

World Wildlife Fund U.S. — Cassagnol Fellowship

The Cassagnol Fellowship offers seed funding for EFN alumni to lead innovative programs that promote long-term outreach and capacity building in their areas of research, education, and training. The Fellowship aims to support promising conservation leaders who enhance co-development of initiatives that amplify local ownerships. The fellowship covers a duration of 12 months and applicants may request up to US$15 thousand. Applicants should have completed their PhD or master’s degree and hold an appointment at either a university, research, government, or non-government institution in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, or Asia. Applicants must submit an application by 18 December 2023. WWF Cassagnol Fellowship

World Wildlife Fund U.S. — Environmental and Social Impact Grant

The Environmental and Social Impact Grant provides financial support to teams and institutions working in Kenya, Tanzania, and Madagascar focusing on enhancing capacities to address environmental and social impact assessment capacity building needs with an emphasis on local communities. The proposals should focus on WWF key goals including climate, food, forests, freshwater, oceans, and wildlife. Applicants may request up to US$ 15 thousand. Applications must be submitted by 18 December 2023. Environmental and Social Impact Grant

World Wildlife Fund U.S. — Educational Fellowships 2024

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF-U.S.) supports individuals pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree in conservation. The Russell E. Train Fellowships provide conservationists from target countries with financial support for their studies and field research. The 2024 fellowship focuses on the place-based nature of food system transformation. The fellowship supports individuals to develop research on food system transformation at the national level to build a better understanding of the country specific actions that need to be taken to transform food systems to improve human health and foster environmental sustainability. Applicants may request up to US$30 thousand per year for up to two years. The deadline to submit an application is 18 December 2023. Find the fellowship