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Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs — Research Collaboration 2024

Within the framework of Danish development cooperation, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls for research proposals between Denmark and researchers in partner countries. In 2024, the following countries are eligible for research applications: Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Palestine, Uganda, Somalia (incl. Somaliland), and Tanzania. Eligible research themes include energy transitions; water resource management; food and agriculture. The expected duration of research projects is up to 5 years within a maximum grant of DKK 10 million for each project. Only universities or research-based institutions registered in Denmark and with a capacity to (co-)supervise Ph.D. students are eligible to submit an application. The application deadline (Phase 1) is 07 February 2024. More about this opportunity

Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund — Krill Fishing and Marine Ecosystem

The Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund (AWR) calls for proposals from scientific researchers who can aid in determining the impact of the krill fishing industry on the Antarctic marine ecosystem. Funding will range from US$25 thousand to US$90 thousand per project. The deadline for applications is 05 April 2024. Find the 10th call for proposals

Paul M. Angell Family Foundation — Marine and Ocean Conservation 2024

The Paul M. Angell Family Foundation makes grants in thematic areas that include marine and ocean conservation. The Foundation is interested in marine protected areas; sustainable fisheries; conserving sharks and rays; conservation of coral reefs; and limiting plastics pollution. Eligibility extends to U.S. nonprofit organizations that have 501(c)3 registration and international conservation organizations. The application deadline is 10 June 2024. Know more

Global Nature Fund — Living Lakes Network

Living Lakes is a global network of partnership organizations to protect lakes, wetlands, and other freshwater sources and their catchment areas. The network takes an ecosystem approach to include biodiversity conservation and support for local livelihoods, e.g., in agriculture, fisheries, tourism, etc. Living Lakes does not make project grants, but it offers network assistance to members. Members are able to include their projects and proposals in the Living Lakes portfolio for the attention of potential donors and sponsors. Members may also apply for assistance to participate in the meetings, workshops, and conferences of Living Lakes — and to seek other forms of networking and training support. Applications can be submitted at any time. Explore the Opportunity

Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association — Coastal Ecosystems Resilience

The Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA) launches a regional call for proposals to support demonstrative field actions aimed at fostering the restoration, the management and the sustainable use of marine and coastal ecosystems. The project must have a minimal duration of 12 months. Grants range from €50 thousand to €150 thousand. Applicants must be based in Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, or Seychelles. The deadline for submission of concept notes is 04 December 2023. Know more

Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation — Training Program on Fishery Oceanography

The International Training Centre for Operational Oceanography aims to familiarize young professionals in the Indian ocean-rim (IOR) countries with the latest developments in the field. The course is exclusively designed to train the fisheries professionals. Candidates should have a fundamental knowledge of marine biology (fisheries). Applications are open until 18 December 2023. Details

Eco-Business and Temasek Foundation — Liveability Challenge

In 2024, the Liveability Challenge (TLC) seeks disruptive innovations that can decarbonise energy generation and industries; or establish a circular urban agriculture/aquaculture system. Finalists will get an opportunity to pitch their solutions to a team of investors and have the chance to win up to S$2 million in grant funding for project development. The competition is open to Singapore-based and international participants who have a pilot project in Southeast Asia. The application deadline is 09 February 2024. The Liveability Challenge


Echoing Green — Fellowships 2024

Echoing Green helps emerging social entrepreneurs around the world with grants of seed capital and technical assistance to support their start-up organizations. Seed funding of up to US$80 thousand over 18 months is offered to for-profit organizations in the form of recoverable grants. Past fellowships include examples in renewable energy, waste management, smallholder farming, climate change, and other societal challenges in developing countries. Applications are due 02 November 2023. Echoing Green Fellowships

ACT Foundation — Grant Cycle 2024

The Aspire Coronation Trust (ACT) Foundation accepts applications from national and regional non-profit organizations working to address social, environmental, and economic challenges across the African Continent. Focus areas include health, environment, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Proposed projects must have a maximum life cycle of 12 months and benefit African communities. The application deadline is 10 November 2023. Details here

U.S. Department of State — Small Grants for Young Leaders in Southeast Asia

The Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) is a program of the U.S. government to support bright young leaders ages 18-35 in the ASEAN countries. YSEALI Seeds for the Future is a small grants competition that provides funding of up to $15 thousand for promising young leaders to carry out projects that improve their communities. The four core themes are (1) Civic Engagement, (2) Education, (3) Economic Empowerment and Social Entrepreneurship, and (4) Environmental Issues. The application deadline is 16 November 2023. YSEALI Seeds For the Future