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European Climate Initiative — Transboundary Climate Action in Europe

The European Climate Initiative (EUKI) calls for project ideas for transboundary climate action in Europe. Projects may propose forward-looking ideas in the areas of climate policy, energy, buildings and municipalities, mobility, agriculture, soils and forestry, awareness, climate-aligned finance, or sustainable economy. Financing of between €50 thousand and €1 million may be provided for each project. EUKI supports climate projects in EU member states, with a regional focus on Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe as well as the Baltic states. Non-profit organizations from EU accession candidate countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Turkey) may apply for financing as implementing partners. Project ideas have to be submitted by 12 March 2024. More about EUKI

Coimbra Group of Universities — Scholarships for Professional Mobility

The Coimbra Group is an association of long-established European universities committed to creating academic and cultural ties to promote internationalization. Towards this end, the Coimbra Group offers scholarships to encourage short-term professional and academic experiences in Europe by applicants from Africa, Latin America, and the European Neighborhood. Each Coimbra University publishes its grant guidelines and contact information. The deadline for applications is 05 April 2024. Click here

Government of Luxembourg — Business Partnership Facility

The Government of Luxembourg provides financial support to the private sector in Europe to set up sustainable commercial projects in partnership with private or public organizations in developing countries. Project proposals should focus on one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and may not exceed €200 thousand. Applications can be submitted before 30 April and 31 October 2024. Details here

Embassy of Finland in Kyiv — Local Cooperation Fund Ukraine

The Embassy of Finland seeks applications from local Ukrainian NGOs for projects to be funded by the Local Cooperation Fund (LCF). The project should focus on energy and environment; or education and training. The total amount to be disbursed to the selected projects is €500 thousand. A maximum of 3-4 projects will be selected to receive funding. The deadline for submitting project proposals is 20 February 2024. Link

Village Capital — Greentech Europe

Village Capital launches an investment readiness program to support gender-diverse ventures creating sustainable economic, environmental, and social solutions across Europe. The program currently accepts 50 additional startups to participate in an online, self-paced investment-readiness curriculum. The program will run for twelve weeks. Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis, through 18 March 2024. Greentech Europe

Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area — Farming Systems

The Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area (PRIMA) launches a new call for proposals for farming systems in the Mediterranean. Projects should aim to increase the environmental and socio-economic performance of small-scale farming systems through improvements in organizational aspects and new value chain governance models. Projects can request up to €4.1 million for 36 months. Companies/enterprises, non-profit organizations, NGOs, public research organizations, and universities from the following non-EU countries are eligible: Israel, Tunisia, Turkey, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco. The deadline for pre-proposals is 02 April 2024. Know more

Marion Dönhoff Foundation — Environment and Sustainability

Through the Succow Foundation, the Marion Dönhoff Grant supports open and critical debates in the areas of environmental journalism, political ecology, and sustainable development. The program is a fellowship for post-graduates with professional experience and activists of civil society networks and groups. The target regions are post-soviet states, including the South Caucasus and Central Asia. The fellowship funds a study and work visit in Germany for up to five months. Applications are accepted twice each year. Applications should be submitted on 01 July and 01 January of each year. Find out more

Climate Technology Initiative — Funding for Climate or Clean Energy Projects

The Climate Technology Initiative (CTI PFAN) provides funding to climate or clean energy projects. PFAN accepts applications for projects in low- and middle-income countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Central America, and the Caribbean Islands. Projects may request between US$1 million and US$50 million. Projects providing energy access or rural electrification (clean cookstoves, solar home systems, mini-grids) may request smaller sums between US$500 thousand and US$50 million. Proposals are invited from companies, individuals, or legal persons; public-private partnerships; and entities that are legally structured to redistribute profits. Applications can be submitted anytime and are evaluated quarterly. Details

Prince Claus Fund — Support for Emerging Artists

The Seed Awards offer support to emerging artists and cultural practitioners who use the power of culture for positive change. Each award recipient will receive an award of €5000 to invest in developing their idea. Applicants must live and work in eligible countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, or Eastern Europe. The deadline for submission is 16 January 2024. Prince Claus Seed Awards

IWW Zentrum Wasser — Mülheim Water Award

The Mülheim Water Award honors practice-oriented research and development projects as well as the implementation of innovative concepts for a secure drinking water supply and water analysis. People or institutions from Europe (geographically defined, not politically) can apply with innovative procedures, products, concepts and new findings with a strong focus on practical use and application within water management. The prize is €10 thousand. Applications can be submitted until 29 February 2024. Mülheim Water Award