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Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund — Conserving the Guinean Forests of West Africa

The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) invites letters of inquiry for small grants (maximum budget US$50 thousand per project) in support of conservation in the Guinean forests of West Africa. Grants under this call can be made to NGOs, private enterprises, universities, and research institutes. The eligible countries are Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. Applicants can apply in English or French using the templates provided in the announcement. The closing date is 02 August 2024. Link to the call




Earth Company — Impact Hero 2025

Each year, Earth Company selects one Impact Hero that has the potential to transform the future of developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Impact Heroes are visionary leaders who tackle some of the most pressing social and environmental challenges and make transformative changes to the communities they serve. Earth Company provides 3 years of support through leadership coaching, fundraising, marketing, and business development. Eligibility extends to everybody and all forms of organizations. Applications have to be received no later than 31 August 2024. Find details here

Conservation Leadership Programme — Grants for Early-Career Conservationists

The Conservation Leadership Program (CLP) makes grants to advance the leadership capacity of early-career conservationists in the developing world. Grants combine research with conservation. CLP provides support to small teams of at least three individuals. Future Conservationist Awards are up to US$15 thousand. Follow-up awards and Leadership Awards are up to US$25 thousand and US$50 thousand, respectively. CLP explains each category of award; eligibility criteria; and details on how to apply. CLP offers support to early-career conservationists living and working in low- and middle-income economies in Africa, Asia, the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Eastern and South-eastern Europe, and the Middle East. The application deadline is 18 October 2024. Link to the Conservation Leadership Program

MDPI — Sustainability Young Investigator Award 2024

MDPI, a publisher of peer-reviewed, open-access journals, invites applications and nominations for the Sustainability 2024 Young Investigator Award. The winner will receive CHF 2000. This prize will be given to one young investigator in recognition of their excellence in the field of sustainability and sustainable development. Candidates must be under 35 years and be nominated by senior researchers. The deadline for nominations is 15 December 2024. More information

MDPI — Sustainability Travel Awards 2025

MDPI, a publisher of peer-reviewed, open-access journals, grants travel awards to 5 junior scientists. The award provides financial support to attend an international conference in the field of sustainability and sustainable development, to be held in 2025. Candidates must be postdoctoral fellows or PhD students. The winners will each be awarded CHF 600 and a certificate. Applications have to be submitted by 31 December 2024. Sustainability Travel Awards

Lipman Family Prize — Funding for Social Change

Each year, the Lipman Family Prize awards cash to three social impact organizations – US$250 thousand for the winning organization and US$125 thousand for each of the two other honorees. The award recognizes and amplifies the work of organizations devoted to positive social impact and creating sustainable solutions to significant social and economic challenges. Past winners include projects in the field of improved sanitation, energy innovations, and micro-forestry. Eligibility extends to organizations from all around the world addressing social and economic issues. Applications close on 26 July 2024. Find details

Both ENDS — JWH Initiative

The Joke Waller-Hunter (JWH) Initiative offers grants to advance the leadership of young individuals working for or affiliated with environmental civil society organizations in developing and emerging countries. JWH especially encourages the nomination of young women and local community leaders. Grants range from €2,500 to €7,000. The next nomination deadline is 29 August 2024. Details here

United Nations — Indigenous Fellowship Program

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Indigenous Fellowship Training Programme is open for applications. The aim of the program is to give Indigenous persons the opportunity to gain knowledge on the UN system and mechanisms dealing with human rights issues in general and Indigenous issues in particular. (Note: This may include land rights and biodiversity conservation issues). Participants will learn how to more effectively advocate for the rights of their communities and raise their concerns at the international level. Travel, stipend, and basic expenses are covered by OHCHR. The deadline for applications is 31 August 2024. OHCHR Indigenous Fellowship

MDPI — Plants Awards 2025

MDPI is a publisher of peer-reviewed, open-access journals. The publisher has several awards in the category “Plants.” MDPI currently invites nominations for the Plants Best Paper Award, the Best Plant PhD Thesis Award, the Plant Travel Award, and the Outstanding Reviewer Award. The winner will receive CHF500 in prize money. The deadlines for nominations are 31 August 2024 for the Plant PhD Thesis Award, 31 October 2024 for the Travel Award, 31 March 2025 for the Outstanding Reviewer Award, and 30 June 2025 for the Best Paper Award. Click here

European Environment Agency — Photo Competition

The European Environment Agency (EEA) invites nature and photography enthusiasts to showcase their photographic talent in the 2024 edition of our annual photo competition. This year’s competition “Urban Treasures” captures the essence of cities and towns through inspiring moments that give us joy and hope for a more sustainable tomorrow. 3 winners receive €1000 for “best photo” in each category. The competition is open to the citizens of the EU 27 Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Türkiye, North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Photos must be submitted by 01 October 2024. EEA Photo Competition