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Category: Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) intends to allocate grant funds for the implementation of the grant Smallholder Economic Empowerment through the Digital Solutions program. Interested applicants are invited to submit a proposal for the services required for the implementation of the program. Only applicants who are a legally registered entity in an IFAD Member State are eligible to apply. The deadline for submitting applications is 10 August 2024. Know more

The Jack Kimmel International Grant Program makes grants to researchers in arboriculture and urban forestry worldwide. Projects of one to three years are funded to a maximum of US$10 thousand. In 2024, the grant program will be focused specifically on Arboriculture; Tree Health; and Risk Assessment. Applicants must send a brief Letter of Inquiry (LOI) before 15 September 2024 to apply. Link

The John Z. Duling Grant Program offers funding up to US$25 thousand for 1-3 years to support exploratory work in the early stages of untested but potentially transformative research in arboriculture. In 2024, the program will focus on Propagation, Plant Selection, Development of New Varieties, and Planting/Establishment. Applicants can be of any national or ethnic origin. Applicants have to send a brief Letter of Inquiry (LOI) before 15 September 2024. Details

Right Sharing of World Resources (RSWR) makes seed grants to support income-generating projects led by women. RSWR’s current priorities are grassroots organizations selected states and districts of India; and Quaker groups in Kenya and Sierra Leone. Projects include many in the production and sale of fruits and vegetables; meat and milk; grain crops; fish; fuelwood; and other enterprises associated with small-scale agriculture and rural livelihoods. Grants are usually US$5,500 (but many are considerably smaller) for a one-year project. The application deadline is 31 December each year. (However, RSWR recommends earlier submissions of at least a month prior to the deadline to allow time for revisions.) Link to guidelines



The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (FTPF) offers planting materials and technical assistance to establish fruit orchards that will be used for charitable purposes. Fruit orchards must serve communities for generations, at places such as community gardens, public schools, city/state parks, low-income neighborhoods, international hunger relief sites, or animal sanctuaries. Applicants must be nonprofit organizations, public or nonprofit schools, or government entities serving a charitable purpose. Most programs are implemented in the USA. However, FTPF will also consider international projects. Applications are accepted continuously. Plant fruit trees

100+ Accelerator seeks collaborative partnerships with farmers who produce high-yielding and quality crops sustainably. The Accelerator delivers 6 months of remote training to accelerate the collaboration and growth of cohort companies. Participants have access to mentor networks and may receive up to US$100 thousand toward pilot execution. The challenge has an open deadline. Smart Agriculture

Tinker’s program of Institutional Grants supports the theme of sustainable resource management (among others) in Latin America. Particular issues of interest include sustainable agriculture, sustainable forestry and non-timber forest products, sustainable tourism, fisheries management, and payment for environmental services. Tinker is also very interested in issues of water scarcity and quality for communities. Grants typically range from US$50 thousand to US$150 thousand, for up to three years. The Foundation encourages project collaboration among organizations in the USA and Latin America. Tinker invites brief letters of inquiry to the Foundation before proposals are prepared and submitted. The application deadline is 25 July 2024. Institutional Grants

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FOA) calls on children and teens from all over the world (ages 5 to 19) to use their imagination and create a poster of their water action for food. “Rights to foods” explores how we should all be able to enjoy nutritious food so that we can grow and live an active life. Winners will be promoted by FAO offices around the world and receive a surprise gift bag. Entries have to be submitted by 08 November 2024. Submit a poster

The Belmont Forum aims to coordinate actions and projects with a transdisciplinary approach to develop innovative solutions to the challenges faced in tropical forest regions. The Belmont Forum will fund three-year projects. This call for proposals recognizes the growing threats to those ecosystems and their inhabitants, such as climate change, deforestation, unregulated agroindustry and land conversion, illegal activities, pollution, and environmental/climate injustices. All projects should include 3 funding agencies from 3 different countries. Registrations are due on 12 November 2024. Tropical Forests Call

The Pollination Project (TPP) supports individuals and groups who are working to protect farmed animals. TPP funds projects that aim to reduce the consumption of animals, advocate for farmed animal welfare, and raise awareness about farmed animal cruelty. The Pollination Project supports individuals and groups with US$1,000. Grants are open to anyone in the world, but applications from people in Brazil, India, and Mexico are especially welcome. Applications are accepted on a continuous basis. Animal Welfare Grants