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Green Climate Fund — Readiness Grants

The GCF offers grants up to US$1 million per country per year to help developing countries understand the GCF program, and to submit applications for accreditation. Priority for the readiness grants focuses on the Least Developed Countries (LDCs), Small Island Developing States (SIDS), and African States. Proposals for readiness grants are submitted through the country’s National Designated Authority or Focal Point for the GCF. Proposals can be submitted at any time. Know more

Brevard Zoo — Wildlife Emergency Fund

The Wildlife Emergency Fund (WEF) is a small grant program that provides emergency funding of up to US$2,500 to address severe and time-sensitive threats to wildlife. Research and awareness/outreach/education programs will not be considered for WEF. Support is intended for short-term emergency action. Eligibility extends to established non-profit conservation and research organizations. The WEF accepts applications year-round. About the Wildlife Emergency Fund

Efico Foundation — Support for Coffee Producers

EFICO Foundation supports coffee farmers and their families through training and education programs, sustainable income increase, resilience for climate change, infrastructure support, and natural resource protection. About every 3 years, the Foundation organizes a project initiation round and funds projects that aim to improve the living conditions of coffee producers and their communities. Preference is given to projects having a clear strategy to become self-sustaining and creating a leverage effect. Applicants receive a full application form after contact. Efico Foundation

One Day’s Wages — Matching Grants

One Day’s Wages is a grassroots movement to alleviate extreme global poverty. Matching grants require partners to raise a portion of the grant funds, which are then matched by One Day’s Wages dollar for dollar. Matching grant requests from first-time partners is US$5,000 – US$30 thousand. Projects must fit within one or more of ODW’s focus areas, which include Climate Impact, and Water & Sanitation, among others. Applicants must be a registered non-governmental nonprofit organization. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Matching Grants

Climate Technology Initiative — Funding for Climate or Clean Energy Projects

The Climate Technology Initiative (CTI PFAN) provides funding to climate or clean energy projects. PFAN accepts applications for projects in low- and middle-income countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Pacific Islands, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia, Central America and Caribbean Islands. Projects may request between US$1 million and US$50 million. Projects providing energy access or rural electrification (clean cookstoves, solar home systems, mini grids) may request smaller sums between US$500 thousand and US$50 million. Proposals are invited from companies, individuals or legal persons; public-private partnerships; and entities which are legally structured to redistribute profits. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Climate Technology Initiative

Pulitzer Center — Rainforest Journalism Fund

The Pulitzer Center invites proposals for grants to journalists to support reporting on tropical rainforests in the Amazon Basin, Congo Basin, and Southeast Asia. The supported journalism projects will focus on the tropical forests’ role in the overall climate equation and weather patterns, deforestation drivers, and solutions to halt deforestation. The Pulitzer Center will fund costs associated with reporting projects on tropical rainforests in the range of US$2,500 to US$7,500. Grants are made to local journalists based in the tropical rainforest region. In addition, the Pulitzer Center makes grants to journalists reporting for major American and European news outlets on tropical rainforests in any part of the world. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Find the Rainforest Journalism Fund

Partnership for Forests — Innovative Partnerships in Forestry

Partnership for Forests promotes partnerships among governments, civil society, and private enterprises to address deforestation and improve livelihoods by investing in forests and sustainable land use in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. The program provides a combination of grants and technical assistance to help selected partnerships move towards commercial scale-up. Grants normally range from £10 thousand to £1 million. Applicants should provide matched funding of at least 25%. Applications are welcome from private companies, cooperatives and trade associations, civil society and community-based organizations, NGOs, and research institutes. There is no deadline. Submit your idea

United States Agency for International Development — Climate Finance for Development Accelerator

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Climate Finance for Development Accelerator (CFDA) funds a range of climate change mitigation and adaptation activities focused on scaling up the transition to an equitable and resilient net-zero economy. The Accelerator is a buy-in mechanism that helps USAID missions, bureaus, and independent offices develop and manage climate finance-related partnerships, strengthen enabling environments, and advance learning. Organizations interested in joining the CFIN or becoming a climate finance partner eligible to receive support from the Accelerator, have to complete a partnership intake form. Partnership applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Link

United States Agency for International Development — Unsolicited Solutions for Locally Led Development

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) supports sustainable and locally driven ideas from organizations of all types and sizes around the world. USAID supports locally driven activities through awards of up to US$2 million. Organizations that have received less than $5 million directly from USAID over the previous five fiscal years are eligible to apply. Concepts are accepted on a rolling basis. Know more

The International Foundation — Projects in International Development

The International Foundation makes grants in subject areas that include agriculture, water and sanitation, environment, and several others. Grants are to nonprofit tax-exempt charitable organizations in the USA. Most grant recipients are small and medium NGOs in the USA engaged in international development assistance. Grants are up to US$25 thousand for projects of one year. There are no calendar deadlines for applications. Guidelines