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Swiss National Science Foundation — Vietnamese-Swiss Joint Research Program

The Vietnamese-Swiss Joint Research Program enables researchers in Switzerland to carry out joint projects with research partners in Vietnam. The program supports ambitious research and innovative approaches in all areas of research. A maximum of CHF250 thousand per project will be available for the Swiss part for a project period of up to 3 years. Proposals have to be jointly prepared by Swiss and Vietnamese applicants. The closing date for application is 15 January 2021. Link to the call

IMMANA — Competitive Research Grants

The Innovative Methods and Metrics for Agriculture and Nutrition Actions (IMMANA) Competitive Research Grants support the development of innovative methods to advance the scientific understanding of the linkages between agriculture and food systems in order to improve nutrition outcomes in low and middle-income countries. IMMANA grants to conduct research projects are a maximum of £250 thousand. Researchers and institutions from both developed countries and LMICs are eligible. The deadline for submission of concept notes is 21 January 2021. IMMANA Grants

European Commission — Restoring Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

The European Commission invites proposals for the restoration of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Projects are expected to focus on degraded terrestrial, freshwater, coastal or marine ecosystems, responding to relevant restoration goals enhancing biodiversity. The project results are expected to contribute to maintained and enhanced natural carbon sinks and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The Commission considers proposals requesting a contribution between €16-25 million. Research organizations in some 130 developing countries are automatically eligible for funding. The full list of these countries is provided in the call. The submission deadline is 26 January 2021. More information here

Collaborating Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production — The Academy of Change

The Academy of Change is an initiative of the Collaborating Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP), Behavior Change and the International Civil Society Centre (ICSC), funded by the KR Foundation. The training program enables participants to learn more about sustainable behavior change while working and exchanging with peers from all over the world. A focus theme of this training program is climate change, environmental degradation and biodiversity. A group of 40 professionals working for NGOs across the world will be selected for in-person workshops and online activities, networking opportunities and coaching sessions. Applications can be sent until 01 January 2021. Visit the Academy of Change

UK Government — African Agriculture Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

The UK Government invites applications for agriculture knowledge transfer partnerships between UK registered higher education institutions or research organizations and African businesses or non-profit organizations. The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme will support African knowledge bases in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa in support of capacity building for sustainable agriculture and strategic innovation projects that tackle challenges in Africa. Each application must be led by a UK registered knowledge base, working with an African business partner and African knowledge base. Typically projects cost no more than £125 thousand per year. The application deadline for this scheme is 27 January 2021. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

The Commonwealth — Innovation for Sustainable Development

The Innovation for Sustainable Development Awards recognizes projects and contributions in advancing the sustainable development goals in Commonwealth countries. The Award has five categories: (1) Well-being (i.e. health, education, human rights etc.); (2) Prosperity (i.e. economic development, trade, etc.); (3) Peace; (4) Planet and the natural environment; and (5) Partnerships for sustainable development. 15 winners will each receive a trophy, a certificate and prize money of £3 thousand. Eligibility extends to individuals, governments, social enterprises, and businesses in Commonwealth countries. The deadline for nominations is 31 January 2021. Innovation for Sustainable Development Award 2021

The Nature Conservancy — NatureNet Science Fellows 2021

The Nature Conservancy invites applications for the NatureNet Science Fellows program. The program awards 2-year fellowships to promising early-career scientists and engineers who seek to improve and expand their research on climate change and the loss of biodiversity. Fellows will work with a Nature Conservancy mentor and a hosting senior scholar(s) at one of the partner universities. Research stipends range from US$74 thousand (graduate fellowship) to US$118 (PhD fellowship) over two years, plus travel funding and a research budget. The postdoctoral position is expected to run for two consecutive years. The application deadline is 01 January 2021. NatureNet Science Fellows

African Leadership Academy — South African Ideas Festival

The South African Ideas Festival (SAIF) is an entrepreneurial development festival for the young African leaders with ideas to bring meaningful change in their societies. The categories for application are based on the Sustainable Development Goals, including Goal 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy), Goal 15 (Life on Land), and Goal 13 (Climate Action), among others. Applicants must be between the ages of 14-19 years and apply in teams consisting of 3-5 people. Participants can win cash prizes and consulting services with African Leadership Consulting Group. The application deadline is 02 January 2021. Link to SAIF

Congressional Hunger Center — Leland Hunger Fellows

The Mickey Leland International Hunger Fellows Program is a two-year international fellowship to develop leaders committed to finding lasting solutions to hunger and poverty. Leland Fellows must be U.S. citizens or permanent legal residents. The fellowship provides the financial support for one year of international service, followed by another year of policy work. The financial package is provided based on cost of living data for each placement location. Fellows are placed with international and local NGOs, U.S. government agencies, multilateral organizations, and private sector entities. Some fellows are placed abroad to work on projects in developing countries. The host organizations are responsible for providing meaningful work and supervision to the fellow. Applications will be accepted until 11 January 2021. Become a Leland Fellow

European Union — European Researchers’ Night

The European Researchers’ Night is a Europe-wide public and media event for the promotion of research careers. Established researchers have the opportunity to showcase the diversity of science and to stimulate interest in research careers among young people. Legal entities, such as research organizations, companies, public authorities, schools, science museums, foundations or the media from an EU Member State or Associated Country can apply to host an event for researchers’ night. Events and actions that target climate and environmental-related challenges are especially welcome. The European Commission offers funding that covers any expenses linked to the organization of the research outreach event. The deadline for submission of applications is 12 January 2021. Details here