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European Commission — Citizen Involvement to Address Climate Change

The European Commission (EC) seeks to strengthen the active role of citizens and their direct involvement to address climate change and other human actions harming the environment. The EC funds projects that directly involve citizens and communities in contributing to climate action and protecting the environment, thereby reducing their carbon and environmental footprint. The Commission considers proposals requesting a contribution between €3-5 million. A full list of eligible countries is provided in the call. The submission deadline is 26 January 2021. Click here

European Commission — Behavior Change for Zero Pollution

The European Commission (EC) announces a call for proposals aimed at research and innovation projects with focus on behavioral, social and cultural change for the European Green Deal. Projects under this topic may implement research on the behavioral change of individuals, private corporations and/or the public sector across the EU. Furthermore, actions should include several experimental studies, each implemented in at least four Member States and/or Associated Countries. The Commission considers proposals requesting a contribution between €3-5 million. A full list of eligible countries is provided in the call. The submission deadline is 26 January 2021. More information

European Commission — Climate-Neutral Cities

The European Commission (EC) seeks partners to develop a one-stop shop platform that provides technical, regulatory, financial and socio-economic expertise to cities for developing and implementing their climate action plans in support of a climate-neutral economy by 2050. The project can involve research organizations, academia, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, national and local authorities and citizens. The platform should facilitate the coordination of ongoing European activities in the area of climate neutrality for cities. The Commission considers proposals requesting a contribution of up to €53 million. A full list of eligible countries is provided in the call. The submission deadline is 26 January 2021. Find the call for proposals

European Commission — Land-Based & Offshore Renewable Energy Technologies

The European Commission seeks applications for innovative land-based and offshore renewable energy technologies. Proposals should address either the development of land-based renewable energy technologies or innovative technologies to enable future large scale deployment of offshore renewable energy. Land-based energy projects may request a contribution of €3-6 million. Off-shore energy projects may request a contribution of up to €25 million. A full list of eligible countries is provided in the call. The submission deadline is 26 January 2021. Link

U.S. Agency for International Development — Youth Development & Economic Growth in Zimbabwe

USAID/Zimbabwe seeks applications from qualified youth-focused local entities to provide program design support services and co-design the youth-led Local Works Zimbabwe Youth Program. The grant recipient will be responsible for setting up, coordinating and managing day-to-day operations and implementation of the Local Works Collaborative Action Network for youth development in Zimbabwe. USAID intends to make an award of US$250 thousand to the best applicant. Eligibility is restricted to Zimbabwean organizations. The deadline for submission of concept notes is 04 January 2021. Link

Global Landscape Forum — Landscape Restoration in the Aral Sea Region

The Global Disruptive Tech Challenge 2021 aims to identify and support disruptive technologies and innovative approaches to landscape restoration in the Aral Sea region and Central Asia. Innovators (individuals or organizations) from around the world are invited to submit disruptive technologies that can help alleviate the negative impacts on landscapes from natural and human induced factors (including unsustainable agricultural and forestry practices, water scarcity, and climate change). The best proposals will obtain awards in the form of cash and/or in-kind. The application deadline is 15 January 2021. Link

Habitat for Humanity — Increasing Resilience to Earthquakes and Typhoons

Habitat for Humanity seeks innovative and cost-effective solutions to make homes at extreme risk in the event of natural disasters (e.g., earthquakes or typhoons) stronger and more resilient. This challenge is designed specifically for methods that offer solutions to low-income homeowners living in high-risk areas, for example, inexpensive ideas for adding foundations to low-income housing. Habitat for Humanity offers an award of US$25 thousand to make awarded solutions freely available to other non-profit organizations to help improve the state of low-income housing worldwide. Submissions must be received by 04 January 2021. Information

Solution Search — Water Pollution & Behavior Change Contest

Rare’s Center for Behavior & the Environment and partners seek existing solutions that are changing behaviors to help solve the world’s most challenging environmental problems. For this year’s contest, Solutions Search looks for promising approaches that are shifting people’s behavior toward cleaner, healthier water ecosystems. Contest entrants get access to capacity building, workshops, and networking opportunities to further refine and scale their solution. The overall winner will receive US$25 thousand, among numerous other prizes, including a US$5 thousand prize awarded to the best early entrant (for submissions prior to 30 November). Any organization or institution worldwide is eligible (e.g., city government, business, non-profit, university, etc.). Individuals are not eligible to enter. The regular submission deadline is 10 January 2021. Access Solution Search

World Vision — Sanitation Solutions

World Vision seeks affordable sanitation solutions for rural single families living in the poorest areas of the world. Applicants are invited to submit new ideas, concepts, and approaches to attack the lack of adequate toilets and latrines. The participants with the best solutions will receive financial support of up to US$15 thousand to further develop their ideas. Eligibility to the challenge is not restricted. Submissions must be received by 12 January 2021. More

Climate Corporation — Georeferenced Soil Databases

The Climate Corporation seeks information about available georeferenced soil databases and elevation models that can be used as drivers of crop yield variability in parts of Europe and South Africa. The goal is to help farmers optimize soil management and increase economic productivity. The Climate Corporation offers US$10 thousand for the identification of models with more accurate vertical resolution for the countries of interest listed in the call. Submissions must be received by 12 January 2021. Link to details