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Climate Tracker — Southeast Asia Rainforest Journalism Opportunity

Climate Tracker seeks 4 emerging storytellers from Southeast Asia to co-apply to the Rainforest Journalism Fund. Proposal should address the forest restoration and/or rehabilitation issues in the Southeast Asia region. Each fellow will be supported to write one feature story. Climate Tracker will provide individual feedback and support. The ideal candidate is 18-35 years old and has journalism experience. Applications have to be submitted by 25 November 2020. The opportunity

Asian Development Bank — Healthy Oceans

Healthy Oceans Technology Innovation Challenge (TIC) calls for the submission of pilot technology solutions that prevent plastic waste or that can help restore and/or protect coral reefs. The selected proposal can receive a grant of up to US$500 thousand, but technology providers must co-finance at least 10% of the total cost. Innovations have to be implemented in Asia. Eligibility extends to companies, non-profit organizations, CSOs, research institutions and government-owned enterprises. The deadline for submissions of EOIs is 27 November 2020. Healthy Oceans Technology Innovation Challenge

Southern Africa Climate Finance Partnership — Postgraduate Scholarships Climate Finance

The Southern Africa Climate Finance Partnership (SACFP) is a knowledge sharing and capacity enhancement platform for southern African countries seeking access to international climate finance in order to mobilize investments into climate resilient development. SACFP invites postgraduate students to apply for scholarships to undertake research-based degrees focused on climate finance. Applicants must present a MSc or PhD thesis topic related to climate finance. The 2-year PhD scholarship award will be calculated based on the eligible expenses of the field of study. Closing date for applications is 30 November 2020. Link

Enel — Global Energy Transition

The energy company Enel seeks future solutions for the global energy landscape to ensure a sustainable energy transition in relation to Covid-19 and other pandemics. The company is interested in innovative methods to optimize remote working as well as digitalize workflows to make traditional businesses more efficient and create new opportunities for transition towards cleaner energy. Enel invites proposals with the goal to identify start-ups, scaleups and SMEs for possible collaboration. Proposals are invited from all around the world. The submission deadline is 30 November 2020. Link

ENI CBC Med — Exploitation of Grape Waste from Winemaking

BESTMEDGRAPE aims to support the creation of new start-ups and small businesses by exploiting the by-products of winemaking as a source of bioactive compounds that can be transformed into innovative commercial health products. Aspiring Mediterranean entrepreneurs with innovative ideas for the exploitation of grape waste from winemaking are invited to submit applications. Selected entrepreneurs receive vouchers to cover the costs related to services aimed at developing their business idea. The deadline for applications varies by country (Tunisia: 15 December, Italy: 24 November, Lebanon: 06 December, Jordan: 15 December). BESTMEDGRAPE

Solution Search — Water Pollution & Behavior Change Contest

Rare’s Center for Behavior & the Environment and partners seek existing solutions that are changing behaviors to help solve the world’s most challenging environmental problems. For this year’s contest, Solutions Search looks for promising approaches that are shifting people’s behavior toward cleaner, healthier water ecosystems. Contest entrants get access to capacity building, workshops, and networking opportunities to further refine and scale their solution. The overall winner will receive US$25 thousand, among numerous other prizes, including a US$5 thousand prize awarded to the best early entrant (for submissions prior to 30 November). Any organization or institution worldwide is eligible (e.g., city government, business, non-profit, university, etc.). Individuals are not eligible to enter. The regular submission deadline is 10 January 2021. Access Solution Search

AI for Development — Technology to Achieve SDG 2 (Zero Hunger)

The AI for Development (AI4Dev) Challenge seeks ideas in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to achieve 4 Sustainable Development Goals (including Goal 2: Zero Hunger) in Arab & African countries. Teams of at least two members that research and develop AI innovations are invited to submit their idea. Selected participants will receive mentorship and training from experts, and guidance to develop prototypes. The challenge offers monetary prizes of up to US$5 thousand. The deadline to submit ideas is 17 November 2020. AI4Dev Challenge

Socialab — 4Revs Innovation Challenge

4Revs Innovation Challenge is a global call for solutions in food, water, resources, climate change and energy that will help humanity solve survival challenges in one generation (2020-2050). Innovators are invited to submit solutions that are already in the market and contribute to at least one of the 4 Revolutions: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Supply; Water Conservation and Management; Ecosystem Restoration; Climate Change and Sustainable Energy. Six solutions will be selected as potential case studies and compete for additional financial rewards of up to US$1,500. The Challenge closes 19 November 2020. Link to Socialab

United Nations Development Programme — Small Grants Program (Maldives)

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) supports small-scale projects for activities that conserve and restore the environment while enhancing people’s wellbeing and livelihoods. Focal areas are biodiversity, seascape conservation, climate change, climate-smart agroecology, and energy access in the Maldives. The maximum grant amount per project is US$30 thousand, however, in exceptional cases, US$50 thousand may be considered. Eligibility extends to national and local NGOs, community-based organizations, and scientific communities. The application deadline is 22 November 2020. Small Grants Program

New Zealand Embassy Fund — Call for Proposals 2020-2021

The New Zealand Embassy Fund supports community projects in small scale that contribute to increase the wellbeing of a community in Argentina or Paraguay. The Embassy will support activities and projects in the areas of climate change and resilience, economic inclusion, gender equality, and health issues related to COVID-19 pandemic. The maximum amount per project will be up to NZD $25 thousand. Recipients will be non-governmental organizations and community groups committed to non-profit development activities. The deadline to submit the projects is 24 November 2020. Click here