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AI for Development — Technology to Achieve SDG 2 (Zero Hunger)

The AI for Development (AI4Dev) Challenge seeks ideas in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to achieve 4 Sustainable Development Goals (including Goal 2: Zero Hunger) in Arab & African countries. Teams of at least two members that research and develop AI innovations are invited to submit their idea. Selected participants will receive mentorship and training from experts, and guidance to develop prototypes. The challenge offers monetary prizes of up to US$5 thousand. The deadline to submit ideas is 17 November 2020. AI4Dev Challenge

Socialab — 4Revs Innovation Challenge

4Revs Innovation Challenge is a global call for solutions in food, water, resources, climate change and energy that will help humanity solve survival challenges in one generation (2020-2050). Innovators are invited to submit solutions that are already in the market and contribute to at least one of the 4 Revolutions: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Supply; Water Conservation and Management; Ecosystem Restoration; Climate Change and Sustainable Energy. Six solutions will be selected as potential case studies and compete for additional financial rewards of up to US$1,500. The Challenge closes 19 November 2020. Link to Socialab

United Nations Development Programme — Small Grants Program (Maldives)

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) supports small-scale projects for activities that conserve and restore the environment while enhancing people’s wellbeing and livelihoods. Focal areas are biodiversity, seascape conservation, climate change, climate-smart agroecology, and energy access in the Maldives. The maximum grant amount per project is US$30 thousand, however, in exceptional cases, US$50 thousand may be considered. Eligibility extends to national and local NGOs, community-based organizations, and scientific communities. The application deadline is 22 November 2020. Small Grants Program

New Zealand Embassy Fund — Call for Proposals 2020-2021

The New Zealand Embassy Fund supports community projects in small scale that contribute to increase the wellbeing of a community in Argentina or Paraguay. The Embassy will support activities and projects in the areas of climate change and resilience, economic inclusion, gender equality, and health issues related to COVID-19 pandemic. The maximum amount per project will be up to NZD $25 thousand. Recipients will be non-governmental organizations and community groups committed to non-profit development activities. The deadline to submit the projects is 24 November 2020. Click here

BiodivERsA — Conservation and Restoration of Degraded Ecosystems

BiodivERsA announces a call for proposals for the “Conservation and restoration of degraded ecosystems and their biodiversity, including a focus on aquatic systems.” The call aims to support transnational research projects jointly studying the biological processes of conservation/restoration and the benefits of restoring ecosystems. The participating countries in this call are Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, and Tunisia. The total amount for this call is €23 million. Scientific research projects must be transnational research consortia with eligible partners from minimum 3 countries performed by eligible research organizations (profit and non-profit). Pre-proposals have to be submitted by 07 December 2020. More

Karayib Klima — Climate Resilience in the Caribbean

Karayib Klima launches a call for proposals for concrete actions and advocacy campaigns in climate resilience for creole-speaking civil society organizations in the Caribbean. Proposed projects must suggest activities aiming to increase adaptation of people and territories to climate change, for example, through education, sustainable economic development, or the protection of ecosystems and biodiversity. Grants range from €5 thousand to €40 thousand per project. Applications can only be submitted by a coalition of civil society organizations (at least 2 organizations from 2 different countries). The call is open until 13 December 2020. Access Karayib Klima

European Commission — SWITCH-Asia for Sustainable Production and Consumption in Asia

SWITCH-Asia makes grants to promote sustainable production and consumption in Asia. Grants support small and medium enterprises in Asia to use processes, products, and services that reduce pollution and mitigate climate change. The program also supports a network facility for communications with stakeholders, and a policy component to promote measures that advance the switch to sustainable consumption patterns and behavior among Asian consumers. Applications are accepted from nonprofit organizations in eligible European and Asian countries, as well as in OECD member countries in the case of least-developed and highly-indebted ODA countries. Grants range from €1 million to €2.5 million, subject to cost shares. The deadline for concept notes is 18 December 2020. Find the call

UK Aid Match — Match Funding for UK Charities

UK Aid Match supports collaborations between charities, the British public and the UK government. UK Aid Match welcomes applications for funding from charities and non-profit organizations in support of projects aimed at the poorest people in developing countries. For every £1 donated to a UK Aid Match charity appeal, the UK government will provide equal match funding, up to £2 million. Only UK based charities are eligible to apply but projects have to be implemented in low-income development countries. The deadline for concept notes is 18 December 2020. Find out how it works

European Commission — Improving Local Government Services in Macedonia

The European Union seeks to strengthen the capacity of local self-government in Macedonia by involving citizens, civil society organizations, and businesses in problem solving. The EU makes grants ranging from €300 thousand to €800 thousand to projects with focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation, sustainable use of natural resources (such as energy and water), pollution prevention, and the protection and restoration of ecosystems. Eligibility extends to local government units (municipalities) in the Republic of North Macedonia. The application deadline is 30 December 2020. More here

Dutch Embassy — Raising Awareness to Combat Climate Change

The Dutch Embassy in Dakar seeks to support human rights projects with focus on raising awareness about combating climate change in Senegal and Gambia. The maximum duration of a project is four years. There is no maximum amount for the Embassy’s financial contribution to be requested. The program is aimed at non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and non-profit associations officially recognized in the countries where the activities will be carried out. The application deadline is 31 December 2020. Details here