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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations — Direct Assistance in Sustainable Forestry

The EU’s Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan includes grants of technical assistance to benefit government institutions and private-sector organizations. Projects need to address the identified themes in FLEGT. Currently, requests can be submitted from entities in VPA countries and non-VPA countries. The VPA countries are Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Liberia, Republic of the Congo, Indonesia, Lao, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Guyana, and Honduras. Grants are up to US$55 thousand. Eligibility extends to government institutions and non-profit organizations. Applications (English, French, Spanish) can be submitted at any time. More about FLEGT

Finnish Government — Recruiting Foreign Doctoral Students

The EDUFI Fellowship provides initial funding to carry out research for a doctoral thesis in Finland. Researchers or Teachers in Finnish university departments, who wish to recruit a doctoral student or a young researcher from outside Finland, can apply on behalf of the foreign student. The fellowship grant is intended for post-graduate studies as well as research and teaching cooperation in Finnish universities and covers the living costs of the fellow. The EDUFI Fellowship is available to all foreign nationals and all fields of study. Applications are accepted anytime. Link to EDUFI Fellowship

The Pollination Project — Seed Capital for Community Projects Worldwide

The Pollination Project offers seed funding of up to US$1 thousand to compassion-driven individuals, informally organized groups and organizations, and formally registered or incorporated non-profit organizations based anywhere in the world. Topics for projects include education, clean water, afforestation, animal advocacy, and many others. The Pollination Project welcomes applications on a rolling basis. Program Overview

Rainforest Journalism Fund — Global Audience Rainforest Journalism Fund

The Global Audience Rainforest Journalism Fund makes grants to journalists reporting for wide-reaching major news media outlets on tropical rainforests in any part of the world. The projects could focus on tropical forests’ role in the overall climate equation and weather patterns, and the consequences for human life and living conditions caused by deforestation. Most awards fall in the range of US$5 thousand to US$15 thousand, but depending on project specifics may be higher. Proposals are welcome on a rolling basis. Global Audience Rainforest Journalism Fund


Zoological Society of London — Rapid Feasibility Awards

The EDGE Protected and Conserved Area Fund makes Rapid Feasibility Awards to encourage conservationists and researchers to evaluate important potential sites for creating new Protected Areas. Awards average US$5 thousand to US$10 thousand. Applications for Rapid Awards are reviewed on a rolling basis. About the application process

International Land Coalition — Emergency Fund for Land and Environmental Rights Defenders (Africa)

The International Land Coalition (ILC) supports African environmental and land defenders who find themselves in emergency situations due to the nature of their work. The African Emergency Fund is intended to respond to emergency situations such as temporary relocation; urgent legal assistance; financial support to the family in case of a defender’s death, serious injury or imprisonment; and urgent medical support. Beneficiaries of the fund are ILC members (individuals in member organizations or the organizations). ILC members can also apply on behalf of organizations and communities. Emergency requests can be submitted anytime (decisions will be made within 48 hours after submission). Details

The University of Queensland — Online Course: Tropical Coastal Ecosystems

The University of Queensland Australia, in partnership with edX, offers an online course on tropical coastal ecosystems. Participants will develop the skills and knowledge needed to help preserve tropical coastal ecosystems and have a basic understanding of the value, vulnerability, dynamics and sustainable management, as well as learning the process of designing and implementing an experiment in a virtual ecology project. The course is free and no previous knowledge of tropical coastal ecosystems is required. Enrollment is open. Click here for details

Gadfly Project — Technology to Combat Climate Change

The Gadfly Project provides in-kind grants to organizations seeking to implement a software initiative in the fields of environmental protection and climate change mitigation. Software development efforts with a magnitude between US$5 thousand and US$100 thousand are preferred. Please note that this is an “in-kind” grant (not a cash grant). Requests for support can be submitted at any time. All grants are evaluated quarterly. More Information

Energy Foundation — China Sustainable Energy Program

The Foundation’s China Sustainable Energy Program makes grants for planning, policies, research, and training to improve energy efficiency and to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions in China. Grant eligibility extends to organizations in China and the USA. They include research institutes and foundations; universities; professional organizations, societies, and academies; energy technology centers; policy groups and think tanks; state-owned energy companies; regulatory agencies; and NGOs. Proposals are accepted on a continuous basis. Link

GrowthAfrica — Accelerator for African Entrepreneurs

GrowthAfrica supports African businesses and entrepreneurs through an annual accelerator program. Participants of the program receive individualized and tailored in-company support, access to potential investors, leadership training and mentorship. Entrepreneurs in the fields of Agribusiness, Renewable Energy, and Water & Sanitation are especially welcome. The program is open to entrepreneurs from Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Zambia, and Ghana. The application process is open and ongoing. GrowthAfrica