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US Department of State — Academy for Women Entrepreneurs in South Africa

The U.S. Embassy South Africa announces an open competition for organizations to submit concept notes to carry out a training program for women entrepreneurs in South Africa in collaboration with the Arizona State University. (Note: This announcement seeks implementing partners. It does NOT seek applications for participation in the program.) The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) participants will engage in lessons on business management and network with mentors from their regions and the United States. The implementing partner will also be expected to organize a pre-launch training program for facilitators throughout South Africa, to occur in Johannesburg. The estimated total project funding is US$37 thousand. Eligibility extends to non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations and institutions of higher education. All applications must be received by 15 March 2020. Link

Sacred Fire Foundation — Protecting Indigenous Worldviews

The Sacred Fire Foundation supports Indigenous wisdom keepers and communities worldwide. Initiatives that preserve and promote indigenous perspectives and worldviews, preserve sacred sites and native food traditions, ceremonies, languages, healing practices, and traditional art are welcome. Grants are up to US$5 thousand. Eligibility extends to individuals, groups and non-profit organizations. Applications have to be submitted by 20 March 2020. Details

US Department of State — Supporting Women in Equatorial Guinea

The U.S. Embassy in Malabo invites project proposals with focus on women issues and economy diversification in Equatorial Guinea. Projects need to address the social or economic inclusion of women (i.e. equal rights, training in business development skills, promoting the entrepreneurial spirit, and opportunities for women) or diversify the Equatoguinean economy. The Embassy expects to make 4 grants of up to US$7 thousand for projects with a duration of up to 7 months. Eligibility is open to all individuals and non-profit organizations whose work directly affects Equatorial Guinean populations. All applications must be received by 22 March 2020. Link

European Commission — Partnerships for Sustainable Cities

The European Commission invites concept notes for projects that address urban challenges such as water security, pollution, and climate change, among others. The call is divided into five geographical areas: Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Southern and Eastern Europe, and extremely fragile countries. Amounts requested under this call must fall between €2 million and €5 million. Eligibility extends to non-profit organizations. Deadline for submission of concept notes is 27 March 2020. Link

Fondation SUEZ — Biodiversity and Nature-based Solutions

Fondation SUEZ accepts applications for the Acting for Natural Assets program in search for “Biodiversity and nature-based solutions.” Applicants must demonstrate how their project addresses the issue of conserving biodiversity or restoring ecosystem service. The project is situated in France or the French overseas territories. SUEZ will donate a total amount of €100 thousand that will be divided up between three projects according to their needs. The call is open to companies, entrepreneurs, universities, NGOs, and organisations. The deadline for applications is 29 March 2020. More about the Acting for Natural Assets program

New Zealand Aid Program — Development Scholarships 2020

New Zealand’s government provides a variety of opportunities for training and university study through the New Zealand Aid Program, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The program has four scholarship schemes, reaching a total of over 90 countries. The priorities for support often include agriculture, renewable energy, fisheries, disaster risk management, and other areas related to natural resources and environment. The eligibility requirements for scholarships are specific to each country/regional program. The application deadline for submissions is 28 February 2020 for most developing countries in Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean; and 27 March 2020 for Commonwealth countries. Check the eligible countries and closing dates carefully. Details here

Ashoka — Act for Biodiversity Challenge

The “Act for Biodiversity Challenge,” supported by Vittel, seeks already-implemented solutions that engage people and organizations across sectors to preserve and restore biodiversity. Solutions can be designed for agriculture, urban environments, and forests. The applicants must be a nonprofit, for-profit, hybrid organization, or have a fiscal sponsor with an already implemented project beyond the idea stage (pilot projects are eligible). Up to four winners will receive a cash prize (a total of CHF 60 thousand will be distributed among the winners). Applications have to be submitted by 03 March 2020. About the challenge

African Center of Excellence in Energy for Sustainable Development — Innovative Business Ideas

The African Center of Excellence in Energy for Sustainable Development (ACEESD), in collaboration with World Bank and SIDA, invites students and individuals, both nationals of Rwanda and non-nationals, to submit their business ideas to develop a product aimed at a practical solution reflecting the real problems faced by communities in Rwanda and Africa. Selected entrepreneurs will attend a boot camp and receive mentorship, coaching and guidance to further develop their idea into a real business. The best five ideas will receive seed funding. Proposals have to be submitted by 06 March 2020. Click for details

Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund — Biodiversity Conservation in the Tropical Andes (Capacity-Building Program)

The CEPF invites applications for small grants (maximum budget: US$49,950) in support of biodiversity conservation in the Tropical Andes. Civil society organizations are requested to submit Letters of Inquiry (LOI) to implement a capacity-building program for CEPF grantees and key stakeholder groups located in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. The deadline for submission of LOIs (English, Spanish) is 08 March 2020. Click for details

U.S. Agency for International Development — Save Forests and Biodiversity in the Philippines

USAID aims to combat threats to biodiversity caused by habitat loss and degradation due to deforestation, mining and marine ecosystem degradation, and overexploitation in the Philippines. Therefore, USAID seeks projects and activities to be implemented in areas of biological significance and/or land areas of high climate change mitigation potential. The total estimated budget under this call is US$22 million. USAID intends to make two to three awards. The call is open to eligible U.S. and non-U.S. foundations, academic organizations, for-profit private enterprises, and consortia. The closing date for applications is 10 March 2020. Link