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United Nations University — Research Fellowship in Biotechnology

United Nations University accepts applications for the Biotechnology Fellowship Program to build biotechnology capacities within Latin America and the Caribbean region. Each UNU-BIOLAC fellow is expected to perform specialized research at a laboratory in the LAC region for no more than three months. To perform their research fellowship, each funded fellow will receive a single stipend of US$4000 for travel and living expenses. Applications are invited from  LAC researchers who have been accepted by a research or educational institution. The application deadline is 09 June 2023. Research Fellowship in Biotechnology

GoGettaz — Agripreneur Prize 2023

GoGettaz invites young agri-food entrepreneurs (18-35 years) with technologies or innovations for the agriculture and food industry to participate in the Agripreneur Prize 2023. Two entrepreneurs (one woman, and one man) will be awarded US$50 thousand each. Submitted projects are expected to transform the agri-food business in Africa. Eligibility extends to African founders or co-founders of agriculture and food businesses. The application deadline is 19 June 2023. About the Agripreneur Prize

Fishbowl Challenge — Competition for Social Entrepreneurs

The Fishbowl Challenge brings college students from around the world together to solve the world’s most complex social and environmental problems. Students from all around the world are invited to apply and join a team of 4 peers to form a Fishbowl Team, come up with an approach to solve an important global issue chosen from 5 focus areas (including Environmental Protection and Renewable Energy) and develop a business plan. The winning team will receive up to US$50 thousand in prize money to develop their ideas further. Undergraduate and graduate (Master’s) university students from all countries are eligible to apply. Applications have to be submitted until 01 August 2023. Link to the Fishbowl Challenge

Forrest Research Foundation — Research Fellowship

The Forrest Research Foundation at the University of Western Australia offers research fellowships to attract early-career post-doctoral researchers. The fellowship comprises a salary, an accommodation allowance, and a one-off research and travel allowance. The duration of the Fellowship is up to three years on a full time basis. Researchers from all disciplines are eligible to apply. The application deadline is 31 May 2023. Forrest Research Foundation Fellowship

Save Our Seas Foundation — Small Grants 2022

Save Our Seas makes grants for marine research, conservation, and education worldwide. Only projects concerned with marine chondrichthyan species (sharks, rays, skates, sawfishes and chimaeras) will be considered. Small grants (average about US$5 thousand) are made to early-career scientists for projects of up 12-18 months. The application deadline is 16 June 2023. SOSF Small Grants

Zoological Society of London — EDGE Fellowships 2023

The EDGE of Existence Program provides fellowships for two-year projects in research and conservation of EDGE (Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered) mammals, amphibians, corals, and birds. The program is open to early-career conservation biologists who are nationals or residents of the country in which the EDGE species occur. The focus in 2023 is EDGE species in Latin America, the Pacific & the Caribbean islands. EDGE Fellows receive a grant of up to £10 thousand; an opportunity to attend two regional training courses and to undertake online modules in relevant topics; and one-to-one support from a scientific advisor. The application deadline is 16 July 2023. About the application process

Cultural Survival — Indigenous Youth Fellowships

The Indigenous Youth Fellowship Project supports young Indigenous leaders between the ages of 17-28. Fellows work to represent the voices of their communities and bring awareness of local issues in the transition to renewable energy to global conversation. Grants range from US$2,500 to US$6,000. Eligible countries and regions are Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Panama, Venezuela, United States, Canada, Australia, DRC, Uganda, Indonesia, Sweden, Finland, Greenland, and Norway. The deadline to apply is 28 April 2023. Indigenous Youth Fellowship

Zoological Society of London — Protected and Conserved Area Fund

The EDGE Protected and Conserved Area Fund supports projects with a clear focus on creating new protected or conserved areas or the expansion of existing protected or conserved areas. Projects should focus on creating a new protected area or the expansion of existing protected areas. Projects should have endorsement from local communities. Applications are due by 08 May 2023. Protected and Conserved Area Fund

Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans — Fellowships 2023

The Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans (POGO) supports capacity building in oceanography for individuals and institutions in developing countries. POGO’s Visiting Fellowships Program is open to scientists, technicians, graduate students (PhD), and post-doctoral fellows involved in oceanographic work. Priority is given to applicants in their early stages of career development. The fellowship offers the opportunity to visit other oceanographic centers for a short period of training on any aspect of oceanographic observations, analyses, and interpretation. The application deadline is 15 May 2023. Find fellowship information

Next Generation Foresight Awards — Fellowship

The Next Generation Foresight Awards Fellowship is available to individuals who are advocating for foresight thinking and change in their community. Each fellow receives US$1,000 to develop their project. By the end of their one-year fellowship, all fellows have the chance to run for a more substantial grant of at least US$10 thousand. The program is open to anyone between 18 and 35 years old. The application deadline is 02 June 2023. Foresight Fellowship