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European Commission — Regeneration of Natural Resources and Ecosystems

The European Commission (EC) aims to contribute to sustainable and inclusive transformation of food systems in Malawi. EC seeks projects that focus on better preservation, restoration and regeneration of the natural resource base and its diverse ecosystems. Applicants can request between €750 thousand and 1 million for project implementation. Eligibility extends to district councils in Malawi. The deadline for the submission of concept notes is 14 July 2023. Find details here

UK Government — Darwin Plus for British Overseas Territories

The Darwin Initiative contributes knowledge that links biodiversity conservation and poverty reduction in low and middle-income countries. Darwin Plus Fellowships aim to build capacity within the UK Overseas Territories through training opportunities. There are two different budget templates for projects requesting over and under £100 thousand. The Project Leader can be based in any country. However, all Darwin Plus projects are expected to seek in-territory partners. Projects led by in-territory partners/organizations are encouraged. The deadline to apply for Darwin Plus Fellowships is 02 October 2023. Darwin Plus

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation — Environmental Grant Making

The Mott Foundation funds grants in the United States and, on a limited geographic basis, internationally. The theme “Environment” supports projects around the world that protect communities and the ecosystems upon which they depend. The program “Transforming Development Finance” aims to guard against unwise capital investments in large-scale dams, extractive industries, and other major projects which threaten environmental sustainability and local economic opportunity in China, Latin America, and other regions of the developing world. The program “Advancing Climate Change Solutions” makes grants to reduce policy and financial barriers to investments in clean energy, and to provide technical assistance and networking opportunities to communities in the Amazon and Sub-Saharan Africa. Letters of inquiry are accepted all year. Info for Grantseekers

African Development Bank — Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa

The Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) provides catalytic finance to unlock private sector investments in renewable energy. SEFA offers technical assistance and concessional finance instruments. Funding requests must be aligned with three strategic priorities: (1) Green Baseload; (2) Green Mini-Grids; (3) Energy Efficiency. Technical assistance grants are available to public and private sector entities. Applications can be submitted anytime. Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa

Cultural Survival — Indigenous Youth Fellowships

The Indigenous Youth Fellowship Project supports young Indigenous leaders between the ages of 17-28. Fellows work to represent the voices of their communities and bring awareness of local issues in the transition to renewable energy to global conversation. Grants range from US$2,500 to US$6,000. Eligible countries and regions are Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Panama, Venezuela, United States, Canada, Australia, DRC, Uganda, Indonesia, Sweden, Finland, Greenland, and Norway. The deadline to apply is 28 April 2023. Indigenous Youth Fellowship

Canada Fund for Local Initiatives — Community Projects in Burkina Faso

The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) invites proposals that meet the needs of local communities in Burkina Faso. The priorities under this call include women’s economic rights, decent jobs and entrepreneurship, investing in the poorest and most vulnerable. The average contribution is C$25 thousand to C$50 thousand per project. Eligibility extends to not-for-profit local, national or community-based organizations. The deadline for submission is 15 May 2023. CFLI Burkina Faso

IHE Delft Institute for Water Education — MSc Scholarship

IHE Delft provides scholarships to enroll in IHE Delft’s MSc in Water and Sustainable Development to early and mid-career water professionals from MENA, Sahel and Small Island Development States. The scholarship includes tuition fees, insurance, international travel cost and an allowance of €1,115 per month for the cost of living and accommodation. The deadline of application for admission and scholarship is 15 May 2023. IHE Delft MSc Scholarship

Conservation Action Research Network — Aspire Grant Program 2023

The Aspire Grant Program provides competitive research grants of up to US$5 thousand for African graduate students and early-career professionals working in the areas of biodiversity, conservation, wildlife and ecosystem health in the Congo Basin. Applicants should be 35 years of age or younger, and reside in one of the following countries: Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, or Uganda. The deadline for applications (English, French, Spanish) is 15 June 2023. About the Aspire Grant Program

U.S. Mission to Angola — Self-Help Program

The special self-help program of the U.S. Embassy to Angola supports small, sustainable community-based initiatives that have an immediate and strong impact on the local community. The Embassy expects to support different types of projects: from development projects such as agricultural and aquacultural cooperatives to women’s empowerment and the environment. Grants typically range from US$2.5 thousand to US$10 thousand per project. All applicants must include a significant community contribution. The Embassy welcomes applications from Angola-based nonprofit organizations, community based organizations, and citizens. The closing date for applications is 27 June 2023. Self-Help Program

Women in Africa — Support for African Women Entrepreneurs

The JAMII Femmes initiative aims to increase the impact of African women entrepreneurs on the African economy and support the creation of innovative solutions for sustainable development. The program consists of a 4-month digital training phase, access to grants, an accelerator program and a special prize of US$10 thousand. JAMII Femmes is open to female entrepreneurs from Nigeria, Kenya and Ivory Coast. The application deadline is 30 June 2023. JAMII Femmes