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Category: Energy, Climate Change

The Climate Finance Accelerator (CFA) is a global technical assistance program to support climate smart projects to access finance. The aim is to facilitate a collaborative approach to unlocking finance for climate projects at scale and creating a pipeline of ‘investment ready’ low carbon projects. The CFA operates in Nigeria, Colombia, South Africa, Egypt, Uganda, Türkiye, Mexico, Peru, Pakistan, and Vietnam. The CFA offers a range of capacity building support to assist climate mitigation projects in accessing finance. The CFA is open for applications from climate projects seeking support in accessing finance until 17 November 2023. Climate Finance Accelerator

Climate Tracker invited applications for the Climate Journalism Mentoring Program, exclusive for Latin America and the Caribbean. Journalists from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela will publish stories on the impact of the climate crisis in the region, with a focus on the transition to fair energy. Journalists receive a total financial incentive of US$750 (US$250 for each story published). The application deadline is 19 November 2023. Climate Journalism Mentorship Program

The SET Award is an international competition for start-ups and young companies worldwide who are working on ideas affecting global energy transition and climate change. The top 100-ranked applicants will receive a free ticket to the SET Tech Festival 2024. The winners in each of the five award categories can win up to €10 thousand in prize money. All start-ups must be able to present a functioning prototype. The application deadline for the 2024 SET Award is 29 November 2023. Know more

The Climate Democracy Accelerator (CDA) is a six-month, practice-oriented training and support program. Participants will develop a project to implement a climate-focused participatory program that addresses the needs and voices of local communities. Selected applicants will have access to a US$10 thousand implementation grant. The program is open to applicants from all over the world. The application deadline is 05 January 2024. Climate Democracy Accelerator

The Minor Foundation for Major Challenges funds communication projects that mitigate anthropogenic climate change. Proposals should focus on influencing public opinions, providing inspiration, changing attitudes, spreading information, etc. The Foundation welcomes applications from all over the world. The Foundation makes small grants of up to €10 thousand and large grants ranging from €20 thousand to €200 thousand, although larger projects may be considered. The deadline to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) is 18 January 2024. More

The Keeling Curve Prize offers micro-funding and recognition to individuals or organizations with active or ongoing projects that reduce CO2 emissions or increase CO2 uptake. Each year, US$50 thousand will be awarded to up to 10 winners, chosen by internationally recognized climate scientists and energy experts, for innovative ideas that generate, conserve, or design clean energy solutions. This may include a concept, a plan, a product, a technology, or a strategy. Entries are accepted from anywhere in the world. The closing date for applicants is 12 February 2024. More about the Keeling Curve Prize

South Pole offers land-owners, community groups, conservation organizations, and other groups the opportunity to develop their own nature-based climate action projects. South Pole seeks conservation and restoration projects in forestry and land-use that protect wildlife, empower communities and create sustainable economies, as well as large-scale nature-based solutions for a post-COVID green recovery. Ecosystem protection projects and restoration projects must focus on creating or protecting the habitat of endangered species. South Pole offers support, short-term financing, technical guidance and advisory throughout the development process. Proposals will be open until further notice. Know more

The Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) and the African Development Bank (AfDB) seek to accelerate climate adaptation action under the African Adaptation Acceleration Program (AAAP). The program will support the commercialization of climate change adaptation solutions of youth entrepreneurs in Africa. The YouthADAPT Challenge is open to solutions (products, services, tools, or ideas) targeted at climate change adaptation and increasing resilience. AAAP awards a business grant of up to US$100 thousand to further develop the solution. Enterprises must be youth-led (applicants aged between 18 and 35 years) and legally registered and operating in Africa. The application deadline is 05 November 2023. Link to the YouthADAPT Challenge

CNN Academy and The Rockefeller Foundation seek 15 driven young journalists across the Global South who are dedicated to shedding light on the profound effects of the climate crisis within their home countries. Selected climate storytellers will attend a comprehensive media training program delivered by CNN Academy that covers various aspects of climate change reporting. At the conclusion of the program, participants will produce a compelling short documentary spotlighting the impact of the climate crisis. Selected participants will receive full sponsorship to attend the media training program, which includes travel expenses, accommodation, training materials, and meals during the program. The application deadline is 15 November 2023. Climate Storytelling Program

The Earth Journalism Network (EJN) announces the launch of a new year-long fellowship program for journalists which will enhance reporting over four priority areas — climate change, biodiversity, the ocean and One Health. EJN seeks four environmental reporters which will provide journalistic training and mentorship, a quarterly salary stipend and funding for story production, travel and professional development opportunities. Fellows will receive a quarterly stipend of €6,000 to cover expenses for story production and €6,000 to cover travel to conferences and travel for story production. Applications are open to journalists working in any medium (online, print, television, multimedia, new media). The application deadline is 16 November 2023. EJN Reporting Fellowships