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Category: Biodiversity, Conservation, Wildlife

The UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe launches a call for applications for UNESCO designated sites in Europe and North America. Eligible UNESCO sites are Biosphere Reserves, Global Geoparks, and Natural and Mixed World Heritage sites. Each selected site will receive funding to implement activities for a total amount of up to US$ 25 thousand per site. The application must be submitted by 26 April 2023. Link to UNESCO

The AFR100 Initiative seeks to show that restoration can create a prosperous, net-zero-emissions future for Africa. Therefore, the initiative will finance 100 non-profit community organizations and for-profit businesses that are restoring land by planting and growing trees in rural and urban landscapes. Early-stage for-profit businesses or non-profit organizations can apply for US$50 thousand to US$150 thousand. Growth stage organizations can apply for US$250 thousand to US$500 thousand. Deadline to submit Expressions of Interest is 05 May 2023. Plant a tree

OceanHub Africa supports African for-profit startups focused on preserving and restoring the health of the ocean. The 6-month acceleration program provides mentorship, services, software, fundraising support and a network of leading ocean experts, mentors (entrepreneurs, investors, innovation experts, impact experts, scientists, lawyers, etc.), impact investors and potential clients. Eligibility extends to for-profit start-ups operating in Africa and with clear focus on ocean issues (e.g., climate change, pollution or overexploitation). The application deadline is 14 May 2023. Details here

The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) invites nominations for the Abdool Karim Prize in Biological Sciences. The prize aims to recognize scientists for their achievements in Biological Sciences. Eligible nominees are female scientists national of a low-income African country. The prize is a US$5 thousand cash award. Nominations should be submitted electronically before 15 May 2023. Award in Biological Sciences

The Sonoran Joint Venture (SJV) Awards Program provides funds to support the conservation of birds and their habitats in the border region of the southwestern USA and northwestern Mexico. Priority is given to projects that focus on habitat restoration, bird monitoring, and strategic communications to support conservation efforts. Individual grants range from US$5 thousand to US$15 thousand. The application deadline is 15 May 2023. Details

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (PA2F) funds and promotes activities for the protection, conservation and awareness of the Pelagos Sanctuary with a specific focus on climate action. PA2F encourages submissions of projects that may include knowledge acquisition, conservation and restoration measures, lobbying/advocacy or awareness raising projects. Funding ranges from €100 thousand to €300 thousand per project. Applications must be sent before 21 May 2023. Pelagos Initiative

The Rainforest Trust partners with local conservation organizations to create new protected areas and expand existing ones for Critically Endangered and Endangered species. The Initiative invites applications for conservation partnerships from nonprofit entities and NGOs for projects in tropical Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Applying organizations may submit proposals for either a land purchase or a protected area designation. Applications to create new protected areas are reviewed three times per year. The remaining application deadlines are 01 June and 01 November 2023. Link

The British Herpetological Society (BHS) offers small grants to current students in support of herpetological fieldwork and other research costs. Projects which benefit species of conservation concern are likely to be favored. The scheme is open to students and research projects in any country, but applications from countries where funds are relatively easy to obtain may be at a disadvantage. Applicants do not have to be BHS members, though this is encouraged. Small grants are up to £300. The remaining application deadlines are 01 June and 01 December 2023. BHS student grants

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) invites governments to submit applications to a special program on waste management in developing countries. The program may provide financial support from US$50 thousand to US$250 thousand (in certain circumstances up to US$500 thousand) to strengthen the capacities of national institutions and help the government to develop and monitor the implementation of national policies, strategies, programs and legislation. The deadline for the submission of applications is 11 August 2023. Please visit the Special Program

The International Land Coalition (ILC) supports African environmental and land defenders who find themselves in emergency situations due to the nature of their work. The African Emergency Fund is intended to respond to emergency situations such as temporary relocation; urgent legal assistance; financial support to the family in case of a defender’s death, serious injury or imprisonment; and urgent medical support. Beneficiaries of the fund are ILC members (individuals in member organizations or the organizations). ILC members can also apply on behalf of organizations and communities. Emergency requests can be submitted anytime (decisions will be made within 48 hours after submission). Details