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Caribbean Policy Development Centre — Capacity Building Grants for Small Farmers

The Caribbean Policy Development Centre (CPDC) aims to enhance the ability of rural farmers to adapt to disaster risks especially those risks influenced by climate change. The CPDC invited the submission of proposals to provide assistance to NGOs to support small scale farmers to provide equipment, services, agrotechnology and training for the adoption of disaster mitigation and sustainable agricultural practices. The funding amount per project is US$8 thousand to 12 thousand. In order to be eligible for a grant, the applicant must be non-profit-making and be established in Dominica, Grenada, or St Vincent and the Grenadines. The application deadline is 14 February 2021. Click here for details

Canada Fund for Local Initiatives — Environment and Climate Action: Asia-Pacific Islands

The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) invites proposals that meet the needs of local communities in Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga, and Tuvalu. CFLI provides funding to projects that implement environment and climate action projects focusing on adaptation and mitigation, water management, and other thematic priorities. The average contribution is C$15 thousand to C$30 thousand per project. Eligibility extends to not-for-profit local, national or community-based organizations. The deadline for submission is 14 February 2021. Details here

Initiative for Climate Action Transparency — Support for Climate Action

The Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT) aims to help countries better assess the impacts of their climate policies and actions. ICAT delivers hands-on support via short, agile projects to governments and provides tailored support to develop effective transparency systems. Country support is delivered through focused and time-bound (12 to 18 months) projects with resources provided for work by national experts or expert institutions, training activities, stakeholder workshops and international expert advice. Interested countries are invited to submit a formal Expression of Interest by 28 February 2021. Know more

Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education — Nuffic Scholarships for Short Courses

Nuffic, a Dutch non-profit organization for internationalization in education, offers scholarships for training courses in The Netherlands. Subject areas include climate adaptation, water governance, and many others. The Nuffic Scholarships at The Hague Academy (OKP, MSP and StuNed) will cover the tuition fee, flights, insurance, accommodation and a small daily allowance. Potentially interested individuals review the courses and dates offered by the participating Dutch higher education institutions, and information about how to apply. The next deadlines to apply for Nuffic scholarships is 11 March 2021. Click here

LEAP-RE — Joint Europe-Africa Call on Renewable Energy

The Long-term Europe-Africa Partnership on Renewable Energy (LEAP-RE) program aims to increase the use of renewable energy via research, demonstration, and technology transfer projects in both continents. LEAP-RE funds joint basic research, applied research and experimental development projects with a duration of 12-36 months. The call for proposals is aimed at actors in the renewable energy value chain (including universities, research institutes, companies, private sector, NGOs and public authorities). The maximum funding for each project is €1 million. Pre-proposals must be submitted no later than 01 April 2021. Link

European Commission — Food and Nutritional Security Support to Chad

The European Commission (EC) seeks to promote the socio-economic development of Chad through a reduction in malnutrition. The call aims to increase access to irrigated land and the sustainable optimization of the use of water resources, and promotes the diversification of food systems and agricultural production to support rural producers and families. Funding of up to €3 million is available, depending on target region and focus area. Projects need to have a duration of between 46 and 48 months. Eligibility extends to non-profit organizations. The deadline for submitting applications is 15 April 2021. Know more

Cargill — Cargill Global Scholars Program 2021

The agribusiness company Cargill offers scholarships to university students interested in food security, agriculture, and risk management. Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Russia, or the USA — and attend university in those countries. Each Cargill Global Scholar receives an annual scholarship for up to two years, as well as opportunities for leadership training and networking. The application deadlines are 04 March 2021 for India; 04 March 2021 for applicants in the USA; 31 March 2021 for Russia; 27 April 2021 for China; 26 May 2021 for Brazil; and 04 June 2021 for Indonesia. About the Global Scholars Program

Fondation Chanel — Women’s Empowerment

Fondation Chanel supports non-profit organizations, community groups, social enterprises, and women’s associations. Projects eligible for support should focus on women’s empowerment, including economic resources and entrepreneurship, among other themes. Projects are generally 2-3 years in duration. The Foundation currently supports projects in 35 countries from all around the world. Fondation Chanel accepts unsolicited requests for funding through a letter of inquiry. If the project is of interest, Chanel will request further information or invite the applicant to submit a formal proposal. Letters of inquiry are accepted on a continuous basis. Find the selection criteria