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African Women in Agricultural Research and Development — One Planet Fellowship

African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) invites applications for the One Planet Fellowship. The Fellowship seeks to build a network of African and European scientist leaders to help Africa’s smallholder farmers adapt to climate change. Applicants from the following Sub-Saharan African countries are eligible to apply: Algeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania, Togo, and Zambia. Selected candidates will participate in intensive training workshops aimed at fostering leadership skills, strengthening scientific research skills including integrating gender into their research. The call for applications closes on 15 February 2021. More about this fellowship

U.S. Department of State — Public Diplomacy Programs in Vietnam

The U.S. Department of State announces funding for projects that further the U.S. Mission’s public diplomacy goals in Vietnam, including improved environmental sustainability, climate mitigation and adaptation. Grants will be below US$25 thousand. Proposals over US$25 thousand will be considered only with a cost share and on a case-by-case basis. Public diplomacy funds will only be given to non-profit organizations or individuals. Submissions are encouraged from U.S. and Vietnam entities. The application deadline is 15 February 2021. Find details

CRDF Global — International Scientific Cooperation

CRDF Global supports research, analysis, or organizational work of young leaders in international scientific cooperation. Three cash awards of US$6 thousand each will recognize innovative and promising approaches to the solution of global problems in international science collaboration, science for international development, and science for global security. Early-career scientists who have received a PhD are invited to submit innovative projects for cooperation between scientists of different countries. The application deadline is 31 May 2021. More

U.S. Mission to Russia — One Planet: Environment, Health, and Science

The U.S. Mission to Russia announces the “One Planet: Environment, Health, and Science” grant, which supports the promotion of environmental, health, and scientific issues in Russia. The U.S. Embassy  invites proposals for projects that promote collaboration between Russia and the United States in the areas of health, science, technology, the environment, and energy. Applicants may apply for funding for any amount up to US$200 thousand. U.S. and Russian nonprofits, universities, civil society, museums, reserves, and community organizations are eligible. Proposals are reviewed every month until 01 June 2021. Details here