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British Council — Collaborations for COP26

The British Council invites applications for creative commissions that bring together art, science and digital technology and offer innovative responses to climate change. The commissions will be part of the cultural program in the build up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland in November 2021. The council invites collaborative applications from individuals and organizations in the UK with partners from eligible countries and states overseas. Grantseekers can apply for up to £50 thousand to realize their creative idea. The British Council will support up to 20 projects. The application deadline is 13 December 2020. Click here

Center for Collaborative Investigative Journalism — Africa Water Reporting Grant

The Center for Collaborative Investigative Journalism (CCIJ) supports two water-related stories on WASH, access to drinking water, health facilities and schools, handwashing, and many more. The grant of US$2,100 should be used to cover all the costs related to the story, including fees for team members, travel, and any other related costs. Journalists from Sub-Saharan Africa are invited to submit story pitches and provide professional references. The closing date to submit a story pitch is 18 December 2020. Access the CCIJ Africa Water Reporting Grant

German Academic Exchange Service — Doctoral Scholarships for Africans

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers two doctoral scholarships at the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT). The scholarships are related to the interdisciplinary research topic “Adaptation of marine socio-ecological systems to changing environments.” The scholarships will be granted for up to 4 years. Applicants need to originate from Sub-Saharan Africa and hold a university degree. The scholarship includes a monthly allowance of €1,200, plus additional travel and research allowances. Applications have to be submitted by 20 December 2020. Apply to DAAD ZMT

U.S. Department of State — Wildlife Trafficking in Sub-Saharan Africa

The U.S. Department of State, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), supports activities that counter wildlife trafficking and illegal logging in Sub-Saharan Africa. The overall goal is to reduce the ability of criminal groups to profit from poaching and trafficking of protected animals, as well as protected timber and plants, originating from Africa. Applicants may request up to US$1.5 million for the implementation of anti-wildlife crime related activities. Eligibility extends to qualified U.S. based and foreign non-profit organizations (including NGOs), and educational institutions. The closing date for submission of applications is 06 January 2021. Know more

U.S. Agency for International Development — Community Response to Conservation Crimes

The United States Agency for International Development in Peru (USAID/Peru) seeks applications from qualified entities to implement the “Regional Community Response to Conservation Crimes” program. USAID aims to increase civil society led efforts to promote society values and raise awareness of the benefits of protecting both biodiversity and cultural identity linked to the Amazon Biome. Projects should include approaches for alternative economic development that safeguards cultural identities and expands livelihoods while protecting biodiversity on land and water. USAID intends to provide up to US$18.2 million in total funding over a five-year period. Both U.S. and non-US organizations may apply. The application deadline is 15 January 2020. Link

U.S. Agency for International Development — Natural Resource Security in the Philippines

The U.S. Agency for International Development Mission in the Philippines (USAID/Philippines) invites applications for funding from eligible organizations to carry out activities that will contribute to the improvement of natural resource security and governance in the Philippines. USAID will support activities that strengthen the Philippines’ commitment to biodiversity and habitat protection and improve the government’s capacity to manage its natural resources. USAID intends to provide funding in the range between US$14 million to US$16 million over a period of five years. Interested Applicants must submit concept papers by 18 January 2020. Know more

European Commission — Citizen Involvement to Address Climate Change

The European Commission (EC) seeks to strengthen the active role of citizens and their direct involvement to address climate change and other human actions harming the environment. The EC funds projects that directly involve citizens and communities in contributing to climate action and protecting the environment, thereby reducing their carbon and environmental footprint. The Commission considers proposals requesting a contribution between €3-5 million. A full list of eligible countries is provided in the call. The submission deadline is 26 January 2021. Click here

European Commission — Behavior Change for Zero Pollution

The European Commission (EC) announces a call for proposals aimed at research and innovation projects with focus on behavioral, social and cultural change for the European Green Deal. Projects under this topic may implement research on the behavioral change of individuals, private corporations and/or the public sector across the EU. Furthermore, actions should include several experimental studies, each implemented in at least four Member States and/or Associated Countries. The Commission considers proposals requesting a contribution between €3-5 million. A full list of eligible countries is provided in the call. The submission deadline is 26 January 2021. More information

European Commission — Climate-Neutral Cities

The European Commission (EC) seeks partners to develop a one-stop shop platform that provides technical, regulatory, financial and socio-economic expertise to cities for developing and implementing their climate action plans in support of a climate-neutral economy by 2050. The project can involve research organizations, academia, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, national and local authorities and citizens. The platform should facilitate the coordination of ongoing European activities in the area of climate neutrality for cities. The Commission considers proposals requesting a contribution of up to €53 million. A full list of eligible countries is provided in the call. The submission deadline is 26 January 2021. Find the call for proposals

European Commission — Land-Based & Offshore Renewable Energy Technologies

The European Commission seeks applications for innovative land-based and offshore renewable energy technologies. Proposals should address either the development of land-based renewable energy technologies or innovative technologies to enable future large scale deployment of offshore renewable energy. Land-based energy projects may request a contribution of €3-6 million. Off-shore energy projects may request a contribution of up to €25 million. A full list of eligible countries is provided in the call. The submission deadline is 26 January 2021. Link