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Lion’s Share — Resilience in Wildlife Community Grants

The Lion’s Share supports initiatives in communities dependent on wildlife-based tourism to withstand the current Covid-19 outbreak and other future global shocks. Small grants of US$20 thousand to US$50 thousand will be made to non-profit organizations in developing countries to implement local community actions to protect severely threatened ecosystems or wildlife. Projects should focus on innovative solutions to wildlife conservation challenges, while simultaneously enhancing local people’s well-being and livelihood. The application deadline is 15 May 2020. Find the call

Chrysalis Trust — Grants for Livelihoods Projects

The Chrysalis Trust makes grants for the relief of poverty and disability, and the promotion of access to shelter, education, healthcare, and water. The geographical scope is locally in the North East of England; nationally in the UK; and internationally in developing countries. Past awards include examples of small-scale water projects and other support for local communities in Bangladesh, Zambia, Kenya, Syria, and elsewhere. Most grants are under £10 thousand. Grants are made to UK charities and international charities registered in the UK. The application deadlines are 15 May and 15 December of each year. Details

Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund — Biodiversity Conservation in the Mountains of Central Asia (Kazakhstan)

The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) invites applications for small grants to promote conservation of biodiversity in the Mountains of Central Asia. This call is open to NGOs, community groups, universities, civil society organizations in Kazakhstan. The maximum funding amount per project is US$20 thousand. Expressions of interest should be submitted by 20 May 2020. Find the call

WIN WIN Award — Youth Award

The international WIN WIN Youth Award seeks applications from young people between the age 13 to 29 who play an active role in the creation of a more sustainable future. The 2020 award theme is Biodiversity, therefore, applicants are invited to submit ongoing projects, work, or initiatives linked to biodiversity conservation. The winner of the WIN WIN Youth Award will receive SEK20 thousand at the award ceremony in Gothenburg, Sweden (October 2020). The award will cover travel expenses for the winner and one more person. Individuals, organizations and movements from all over the world are eligible to apply. Online registration closes 05 June 2020. About

Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association — Innovation for Sustainability Grant

WIOMSA seeks innovative projects (demonstration and pilot projects) that address modern-day marine sustainability challenges to bridge the gap between marine research and innovation. The goal of the Innovation for Sustainability Grant program is to support the development and testing of concepts and new approaches that address and enhance the understanding of marine and coastal environmental issues. The proposals should be submitted by an institution or a consortium (government departments, research and academic institutions, NGOs, CBOs, or private companies). The deadline for submission of proposals is 26 June 2020. About the Innovation for Sustainability Grant program

U.S. Department of State — Environmental and Scientific Partnerships to Reduce Deforestation

The U.S. Department of State aims to reduce supply chain linked-deforestation by improving relevant data and information. The program “Data for Jurisdictional Sourcing: Spurring Jurisdictional Approaches and REDD+ Action” supports the development of technical capacity and systems for identifying, collecting, and managing relevant information and data necessary to avoid further deforestation on a global scale. Funding of US$715 thousand will be made available to be used to increase developing country participation in jurisdictional sourcing approaches. Eligibility extends to U.S. and foreign non-profit/nongovernmental organizations, educational institutions, and public international organizations. The closing date for applications is 03 July 2020. Details

European Commission — Civil Society Development in Argentina

The European Commission (EC) seeks to strengthen the civil society in Argentina to improve the difficult socio-economic situation linked to the financial crisis and the consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Therefore, the EC invites proposals that promote the adoption of environmentally and socially sustainable development policies. Applicants may request a financial contribution between €450 thousand and €750 thousand. Eligibility extends to non-profits, universities, and other forms of civil society organizations. Deadline for submission of concept notes is 15 July 2020. Find details here

U.S. Department of Agriculture — International Agricultural Education Fellowship Program

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) provides opportunities to U.S. citizens to assist developing countries in establishing school-based agricultural education programs. Proposals should include classroom instruction, field demonstrations, entrepreneurship projects, and leadership development. The proposed project has to be supported by the host country’s government, agriculture community, and local authorities. USDA expects to make to awards of US$500 thousand each. Proposals can be submitted until 15 July 2020. Click here for more information

German Government — International Climate Initiative South Africa

Germany’s International Climate Initiative (IKI) supports projects with focus on transition to a decarbonised economy; as well as other initiatives with land use and climate change mitigation relevance in South Africa. The projects should have a funding volume between €12 million and €15 million each. Non-governmental organisations, business enterprises, universities and research institutions from Germany and abroad are eligible to apply. Program outlines can be submitted until 31 August 2020. Find the application procedure

ASSEMBLE Plus — Access to Marine Research Facilities

ASSEMBLE Plus provides access to marine biological research institutions across Europe and overseas to carry out scientific research in the field of marine biological sciences. Scientists from academia, industry and policy can apply for funding to use these facilities to carry out research projects. ASSEMBLE Plus sponsors teams of up to two researchers. The program covers travel (one round trip per person), meals, accommodation, and shipping costs of project materials. Eligibility extends to candidates who work in a recognized academic institution, or are employed by a not-for-profit organisation or company based in a European Union Member State or Associated Country. ​Applications can be submitted until 04 October 2020. Transnational Access