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Climate Tracker — Workshop for Climate Change Journalists from Lebanon

Climate Tracker invites applications for a journalism workshop in the field of climate change and renewable energy. Submission is open to journalists from Lebanon. Four participants will receive grants to produce an article on the issue of climate change. Journalists have to submit examples of previous journalistic work to apply. There is no formal application deadline but the application window is expected to close soon. Hurry

Flame Tree Initiative — AgriBusiness Development Entrepreneurship Lab

Flame Tree Initiative (FTI) provides training, partnerships, and resources to promising African entrepreneurs seeking to create enterprises that address local development challenges. DELab is a development entrepreneur training program for aspiring social entrepreneurs and individuals who want to launch or scale their agricultural enterprise. DElab is a free virtual workshop for 20-25 participants. Applicants must propose an idea for a social enterprise focused on the agricultural sector. Submissions will be accepted until 06 November 2020. AgriBusiness DElab

RECOFTC — Video Competition 2020

RECOFTC seeks submissions to a video competition. This year’s video competition focuses on how our health and well-being depend on how we protect the forests and the environment around us. The video should highlight how protecting forests can prevent future pandemics. The contest is open to high school students, university students younger than 35 and students residing in the Asia-Pacific region. The winners of the competition will be recognized by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and RECOFTC, and receive a GoPro camera. The submission deadline for videos is 08 November 2020. Forests Pandemics Video Competition

Thomson Reuters Foundation — Online Workshop: Reporting on Climate Change

Thomson Reuters Foundation and the Asian Development Bank will conduct a five-day online training program on ‘Reporting on Climate Change.’ Please note that this capacity building program is only open to journalists from Nepal. Participants will learn how to identify, research and deliver accurate stories on climate change, its impact on the environment and the lives of ordinary people. Experienced trainers will help participants learn to write impactful stories. There will be opportunities for participants to join a regional workshop on Climate Change in 2021. The application deadline is 08 November 2020. Know more

Clean Cooking Alliance — Development of a Spatial Platform for Clean Cooking in Nepal

The Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA) accepts proposals for the development of a spatial platform to support the government of Nepal to achieve clean cooking for all by 2030. Throughout the platform building process, the selected consultant and CCA will co-host webinars for key stakeholders to share learnings and support the clean cooking sector. All consultants submitting proposals must showcase relevant expertise, experience, and capacity in geospatial platform development. Applications have to be submitted by 15 November 2020. Click here

British Council — Funding for Climate Challenge Workshops

The British Council offers grant funding for interdisciplinary research workshops on climate change. Researcher Links Climate Challenge (RLCC) grants are designed to provide financial support to host virtual research workshops for participants from the UK and partner countries (Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, South Africa, Egypt, and Brazil). Lead applicants are required to take an interdisciplinary approach by bringing together early career researchers from different fields. Workshops must take place before the end of August 2021. The application deadline is 27 November 2020. Link

International Iguana Foundation — Emergency Funding for Iguana Conservation

The International Iguana Foundation accepts requests for emergency funding related to iguana conservation with focus on emergency needs related to Covid-19 hardship. Budgets should aim to stay below US$5 thousand but larger amounts may be considered in extreme cases. The application deadline is 30 November 2020. Detailed information here 

Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund — Biodiversity Conservation in the Mediterranean Basin (Cabo Verde)

The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) invites Letters of Inquiry (LOIs) for large grants (up to US$110 thousand) for projects that support the conservation and preservation of biodiversity in coastal areas of Cabo Verde. Eligibility extends to non-governmental organizations, community groups, universities and private enterprises. The ecosystem profile technical summary is available in English and Portuguese. LOIs must be submitted by 30 November 2020. Access to CEPF

Earth Journalism Network — Small Grants for Climate Change and Covid-19 Stories

The Earth Journalism Network makes small grants to journalists based in eastern India and coastal Bangladesh to report on the effects of Covid-19 in relation to climate change efforts in the region. The grants have to be used to produce in-depth stories relating to people or groups most at risk from global warming. Selected journalists will receive an average of US$500 to cover their costs associated with this type of in-reporting. Grants are open to early- or mid-career journalists. The application deadline is 30 November 2020. Link

U.S. Agency for International Development — Feed the Future Bangladesh

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) seeks applications for a cooperative agreement from qualified entities to implement the Feed the Future Bangladesh Livestock and Nutrition Activity. The goal of this activity is to sustainably increase livestock productivity, marketability, and consumption of livestock products. USAID intends to award one Cooperative Agreement of US$19.5 million in total funding. Eligibility for application is unrestricted. The closing date for applications is 03 December 2020. Link