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EIT Food — Building Entrepreneurial Capacity for Women in Agrifood Business

EIT Food seeks 3 organizations based in the Southern Europe (including Turkey) and 2 organizations based in the Eastern Europe to organize a capacity building program for women in agri-business. The aim of this program is to find innovative solutions that tackle the problems faced by women entrepreneurs, develop early-stage startups and create new female led agrifood businesses. The selected organization will receive funding of up to €21 thousand to cover the costs of the 3 startup events/workshops and additional activities. Please note that this is a call to become an organizer of the project activities not a call for participation in the program. The application deadline is 06 March 2020. Click here

Norwegian Embassy in Kyiv — Small-Scale Grants for Ukraine

The Government of Norway announces small-scale grant project proposals within the thematic areas: human rights, democracy, freedom of speech, and promoting energy efficiency projects with substantial environmental component on community level. Applications can request between NOK 500 thousand and NOK 1 million, but smaller grants might also be considered. The project implementation period is limited to 12 months. Eligibility extends to Ukrainian organizations. Projects implemented in cooperation with Norwegian, international NGOs, or by international organizations will also be considered. Deadline for submitting the project proposals is 11 March 2020. Click here for details

Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund — Biodiversity Conservation in the Mediterranean Basin (Tunisia)

The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) makes small grants (US$ 5-8 thousand) to private enterprises in Tunisia in support of biodiversity conservation in coastal areas in the Mediterranean region. The overall aim of this call is to engage private sector stakeholders to adopt sustainable practices. Projects should be implemented in the future marine protected area (MPA) of Zembra and Zembretta. The call is open to the private sector, including small-scale businesses, private enterprises, local community groups and cooperatives. Letters for Inquiry have to be submitted by 20 March 2020. Find out more

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization — Fellowships at Chinese Universities

UNESCO and the China Scholarship Council announce the availability of 75 fellowships under “The Great Wall Program” for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Chinese universities. Applications are invited from eligible developing UNESCO member states in Africa, the Asia–Pacific region, Latin America and Caribbean, the Arab States, and Europe and North America. Fellowships are for one year, and most fellowship programs are in English. Among the many participating Chinese universities that admit scholarship students are some that offer agriculture, forestry, environment, and other disciplines in natural resources. The application deadline is 25 March 2020. Find the Program

Global LEAP Awards — Electric Pressure Cooker Competition

The Global LEAP Electric Pressure Cooker Competition recognizes manufacturers and distributors of electric pressure cookers that design energy efficient electric pressure cookers suitable for use in off-and weak-grid settings. Winners and finalists of the competition will be eligible for up to US$200 thousand prize money. The competition is open to companies in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. The deadline for receipt of nominations is 27 March 2020. About the competition

International Fund for Agricultural Development — Renewable Energy Technologies in Agriculture

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) seeks an implementing partner to scale-up renewable energy technologies in existing IFAD agriculture projects in the Latin America and Caribbean for the benefit of smallholder farmers and producers. IFAD will make a three-year grant of US$2 million to be used for implementing and scaling-up energy technologies. Eligibility extends to inter-governmental organizations, NGOs, academic/research institutions, and companies. The deadline for submitting applications is 30 March 2020. More

King Baudouin Foundation — KBF Africa Prize 2020-2021

The KBF Africa Prize is awarded to Africans or African organizations who are making an outstanding contribution to development in Africa. There are no restrictions as to the chosen themes. The Selection Committee favors community approaches that deal with actual and current challenges in Africa. The winners receive financial support of up to €200 thousand. Self-nomination is not permitted. The deadline for nominations is 31 March 2020. Find out how to nominate a candidate

Climate Food and Farming Research Network — PhD Research on Climate Change Mitigation in Smallholder Agriculture

CLIFF-GRADS is a joint initiative of the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change (CCAFS) low emissions agriculture flagship and the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (GRA). The program aims to build the capability of early career agricultural students in developing countries to conduct applied research on climate change mitigation in agriculture. CLIFF invites applications from PhD students from developing countries for short-term (4-6 month) scientific training and research stays at CGIAR research centers or affiliated research institutions. The focus of the research is greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration associated with climate change mitigation in agriculture in developing countries. Grants are up to US$12 thousand. The deadline for applications is 01 April 2020. Access to CLIFF-GRADS

U.S. National Academy of Sciences — Land and Resource Governance

PEER invites applications from African graduate students and their mentors interested in building their capacity for research on land and resource governance. The projects funded under this special call for proposals must be conducted by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, working in close partnership with university-based research mentors. PEER will award up to US$15 thousand per research team. Applicants must be based in Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Tanzania, or Zambia.The application deadline is 17 April 2020. More here

U.S. Agency for International Development — Biodiversity Conservation in Vietnam

USAID seeks applications from qualified entities to implement the “USAID Biodiversity Conservation” activity in Vietnam. The funding provided under this call should be used to (1) Maintain and increase forest quality in high-conservation value provinces and, (2) Protect and stabilize wildlife populations in national parks and reserves in high-conservation value provinces. Key activities and strategic approaches are detailed in the call for proposals. USAID intends to provide one award of up to US$38 million for a five year project. (Note: USAID has established a minimum required cost share of 10% of the total estimated costs, approx. US$3.8 million). Eligibility for this NOFO is not restricted which means that nonprofit and for-profit organizations are eligible to apply. The applications deadline is 15 April 2020. Link to more information