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European Commission — ERANETMED Research on Environment in the Mediterranean Region, 3rd Joint Call

Europe’s ERA-NET promotes the coordination of research at national and regional levels in the EU’s member states and associated states through research networking and the mutual opening of national and regional research programs. The current call by ERANETMED focuses on sustainable water management for vulnerable communities in the Euro-Mediterranean countries. Participating countries are Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia, and Turkey. Applicants in these countries must be eligible for funding according to the regulations of their respective national funding agencies. The deadline for proposals is 14 July 2017. Link

World Academy of Sciences — Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Brazil

In partnership with the World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), Brazil’s National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) invites young scientists from developing countries other than Brazil to pursue postdoctoral research in natural sciences at selected Brazilian research institutions for periods of 6-12 months.  Subject areas include agricultural sciences, biological sciences, and many others.  CNPq will provide a standard monthly allowance which should be used to cover living costs such as accommodation, food, and health insurance.  The application deadline is 11 August 2017.  Link

UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council — Energy Networks in Developing Countries

 The UK’s EPSRC invites research proposals that address the energy distribution challenges faced by developing countries.  Proposals to this call must focus on sustainable local energy networks, including off-grid to grid transitions.  Principal investigators must represent UK research institutions.  Appropriate collaborators in one or more low- or middle-income countries are a mandatory requirement. Applicants should submit an expression of interest by 17 August 2017.   Link

Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Tropical Biology — Research Proposals 2018-2019

The Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Tropical Biology (SEAMEO BIOTROP) welcomes research proposals in support of its program “Forging Ahead with Tropical Biology for Environmental and Societal Transformations in Southeast Asia.” The focal areas are restoration of degraded ecosystems; sustainable management of intensively-used ecosystems and landscapes; and conservation and sustainable use of unique ecosystems and landscapes of high biodiversity. Proposals should have a budget under Rp100 million, or under Rp50 million for PhD thesis research. The deadline for proposals is 30 August 2017. Link

U.S. Agency for International Development — Watershed Management in Peru

USAID invites applications to scale up investments in green infrastructure in Peru as a strategy to regulate water supply and increase resilience to climate change. The five-year program will aim to build public awareness and political support for improved management of Andean watersheds, and to propose site-specific projects that invest in ecosystem services to reduce soil erosion and improve water supply.  Eligibility for funding extends to U.S. and non-US organizations, including organizations which have not previously received financial assistance from USAID. Funding Opportunity RFA-527-17-000002.  The application deadline is 31 August 2017.  Link

MIT Center for Collective Intelligence — New Contests at Climate CoLab

The MIT Climate CoLab organizes contests to solicit the world’s best ideas to prevent and adapt to climate change. Some contests pose social and political questions, while others focus on issues in science and technology. Each year, the contest winners are invited to a conference at MIT’s campus in the USA, where a pool of prize funding is shared among the best ideas.  The Climate Co-Lab has recently posted seven new contests, each with a deadline on 10 September 2017.  Link

Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs — Voice

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is partnering with HIVOS and Oxfam on methods to effectively empower and give voice to marginalized and discriminated people in low- and lower-middle income countries of Africa and Asia. The thematic areas include one for improved governance and access to productive resources (e.g., land and water) and employment. The priority countries are Cambodia, Indonesia, Kenya, Laos, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Philippines, Tanzania, and Uganda. Voice hopes to stimulate learning about the most successful methods of building community empowerment. Applications are invited from legally registered nonprofit civil society organizations and community groups. The applicant (or a consortium member) must be based in Africa or Asia, and operate in one or more of the focus countries. Grants range from €25 thousand to €500 thousand for up to three years. The application deadline is 15 September 2017. Link

European Commission — Improved Agriculture in the Gambia

The EC invites proposals to strengthen Gambia’s smallholder agriculture as a strategy for poverty reduction.  Grants will be made in three lots (focus areas):  agro-ecology and ecological restoration; market access and value chains in agriculture; and access to quality food.   Eligibility for funding extends to nonprofit organizations in the EU and The Gambia. Grants will range from €250 thousand to €750 thousand, varying with cost shares.  Reference EuropeAid/156210/DD/ACT/GM. The deadline for applications is 04 October 2017.  Link

European Commission — Agriculture and Climate in Mauritius

The EC calls for proposals to increase the capacity of vulnerable non-sugar smallholders and other key stakeholders towards developing and sustaining climate-smart agriculture in Mauritius. Eligibility for funding extends to nonprofit organizations in the EU and Mauritius. Grants will range from €300 thousand to €1 million, varying with cost shares. Reference EuropeAid/155919/DD/ACT/MU. The application deadline is 06 October 2017. Link

UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council — Biotechnology for Industrial Waste in India

The governments of the UK and India are collaborating to co-sponsor the Newton Bhabba UK-India Industrial Waste Challenge 2017. Projects should address reducing industrial waste and pollution, and improve value recovery from waste using biotechnology in one or more of five defined industrial sectors. The total grant will not exceed £2 million per project for UK partners. The Government of India will provide match funding for Indian project partners. Either a business or a research organisation can lead the project in the UK. Only Indian academic institutions or research organisations can lead the project in India.The deadline for registration is 11 October 2017. Link