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U.S. Agency for International Development — Emergency and Development Food and Nutrition Security Activities

The IDEAL Small Grants Program provides funding to existing projects with the aim to identify and address knowledge and capacity gaps in food and nutrition security programs around the world. The Applied Research Award (ARA) consists of Micro Grants funded up to $300 thousand for up to 12 months of implementation. Projects should focus on the development of tools or conduct topic-specific learning events. Applicants may be U.S. and non-U.S. NGOs, for-profit organizations, or institutions of higher education. The deadline for applications is 16 October 2020. Link

Belmont Forum — Transdisciplinary Research for Pathways to Sustainability

The Belmont Forum launches a collaborative research networking call on the theme: Transdisciplinary Research for Pathways to Sustainability. The Belmont Forum will support collaborative research networking activities that focus on approaches to develop Earth-system-based transformation pathways for sustainable development. The call provides both cash and in-kind resources. Applicants are advised to contact their funding organization listed in the announcement before starting to prepare proposals. Proposals are due by 31 October 2020. Pathways 2020

Adaptation Fund — Readiness Grants

The Adaptation Fund announces that small grants are available under the Climate Finance Readiness Programme. South-South Cooperation grants are intended to increase peer-to-peer support among accredited National Implementing Entities (NIEs) and those seeking accreditation. Project Formulation Grants (up to a maximum of US$50 thousand) help build the capacity of NIEs in project preparation and design. Technical Assistance Grants are aimed at strengthening the capacity of NIEs in the areas of environmental, social, and gender risk management. For all three categories of readiness grants, the application deadline is 06 October 2020. Readiness Grants

British Council — PhD Scholarships for Egyptian Researchers

The Newton Mosharafa PhD Program supports Egyptian researchers to undertake PhD studies at a UK higher education institution. The program covers all fees and living/travel expenses. The program supports projects in five priority areas, including sustainable water management; renewable energy; and sustainable food production. The application deadline is 01 October 2020. Link

UK Department for International Development — Agri-Tech Catalyst for Africa

The Agri-Tech Catalyst aims to increase the pace and scale of uptake of agricultural innovation by farmers in Africa. Projects should focus in any of three categories: early-stage technical feasibility; industrial research; or late-stage experimental development. Project leaders must be UK businesses (or UK research organizations in the case of early-stage technical feasibility). Projects should include at least one consortium member from an eligible African country. The amount of project co-funding available varies from £100 thousand to £1 million depending on category and business size. The deadline for registration is 21 October 2020. Find the call

European Commission — Forest Observation Systems in RD Congo

The European Commission (EC) aims to develop an independent forest observation monitoring systems in order to monitor forest governance and forest land use in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The overall amount made available under this call is €1,5 million. Eligibility extends to non-profit civil society organizations. The deadline for submission of concept notes is 27 October 2020. Find more information

Swiss Government — Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars

The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships aim to promote international exchange and research cooperation between Switzerland and over 180 other countries. Thematic areas for post-graduate scientific research include Agriculture, Biodiversity and Sustainability, and Poverty Reduction, among others. Eligibility extends to young researchers from all around the world who have completed a master’s degree or PhD. Application deadlines vary by country (please check carefully). Prepare your application by 01 October 2020. About this scholarship

World Forest Center — International Fellowship Program

The International Fellowship Program in forestry hosts foresters and other natural resource professionals from around the world for 6 months on campus in Oregon (USA). Applicants propose research topics (e.g., urban forest inventory, biomass supply-chain, carbon policy, forestry regulation, conservation finance, etc.) that include elements from their home countries and the USA’s Pacific Northwest. Fellows also engage in professional networking and visitations. The World Forestry Center offers fellowships that cover 50% of the program fees. The application deadline is 15 October 2020. Find the fellowship

ETH Zurich — World Food System Fund

ETH Zurich supports early-​career scientists and students to engage in auxiliary education and research activities at ETH Zurich in fields relevant to the world food system, primarily in topics related to agriculture and food sciences. ETH Professors who are active mainly in teaching and research for agricultural or food science are eligible to apply for support. The application must come from the professor; however, the funding can support students or researchers in the group. A total of CHF 10 thousand is available in this call. The deadline for proposals is 16 October 2020. More 

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation — Partnerships for Global Sustainable Development

The “Swiss Programme for Research on Global lssues for Development” (r4d programme) promotes applied, need-based scientific research in developing countries. Projects that analyse, develop and test innovative solutions to sustainable development challenges in developing countries in any thematic area or field of research are eligible. The program will support consortia that consist of at least a Swiss research institution, a research partner in the Global South/East and a non-research implementation partner (government, civil society, private sector). SDC’s contribution will be CHF 100 thousand to be used over a period of max. 12 months. The deadline for submitting pre-proposals is 12 October 2020. Link