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U.S. Agency for International Development — Market Based Resilience for Marginalized Populations

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) seeks applications for a cooperative agreement from qualified organizations to implement Somalia’s Market Based Resilience for Marginalized Populations (MB-RMP) Activity. USAID intends to make one award of US$ 6.5 million to accelerate economic development of marginalized groups through rural and urban livelihood diversification. Eligibility is unrestricted. Applications are accepted from foreign and domestic non-profit organizations, for-profit companies, academic institutions as well as regional organizations and community groups. The closing date for applications is 14 January 2022. Know more

Clinton Foundation — Clinton Global Initiative University

The Clinton Global Initiative University seeks student leaders from around the world who are committed to take action in their community to address a pressing challenge such as environment, climate change, poverty alleviation, or public health. Selected students receive mentorship, access to funding streams, and the opportunity to participate in the 2022 virtual annual meeting hosted by Howard University. Applicants have to be at least 18 years of age and be currently enrolled in an institution of higher learning. The application deadline is 21 January 2022. Link

Embassy of Japan — Grassroots Human Security Projects in Botswana

The Embassy of Japan in Botswana invites applications for grant assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects. The fund is directed to relatively small socio-economic development projects which have a direct and immediate impact on the well-being of disadvantaged communities. The main areas are education, health/sanitation, water/energy, agriculture/indigenous industry, and environment. Eligibility extends to non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, educational institutes, medical institutes, and local governments. Grant size is up to ¥ 10 million per project. The deadline for applications is 21 January 2022. Find out more

Arab Gulf Programme for Development — Prince Talal International Prize

Nominations are open for the 2021 Arab Gulf Programme for Development (AGFUND) International Prize. The subject of the 2021 Prince Talal International Prize is “Climate Action”. Projects should highlight best practices which aim to improve the living conditions of the poor and disadvantaged with particular emphasis on women and children. The winners receive between US$400 thousand and US$100 thousand (depending on their category). Eligibility extends to UN Development Agencies, NGOs, government ministries, public institutions, social business enterprises and individuals. There are no geographical restrictions. Nominations are accepted until 15 January 2022. Details here