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European Commission — Natural Resource Management Malawi

The European Commission (EC) seeks to contribute to sustainable and inclusive transformation of food systems in Malawi. The EC seeks projects that lead to better preservation, restoration and regeneration of the natural resource base and its diverse ecosystems. Financial contributions of up to €1 million are available. Eligibility extends to district councils established in Malawi. The deadline for submission of concept notes is 14 July 2023. Link

Hello Tomorrow — Asia Pacific Challenge

The Hello Tomorrow Challenge gives deep-tech and science-based entrepreneurs a platform for their projects, providing opportunities and connections with key players. Hello Tomorrow seeks early-stage startups in Asia Pacific that use advanced technology to answer societal or industrial challenges. The challenge includes one category for startups that focus on energy, food, agriculture & environment, among 10 others. The grand prize is S$30 thousand for the best early-stage startup. The application process closes on 24 July 2023. Asia Pacific Challenge

Rainforest Journalism Fund — Global Audience Rainforest Journalism Fund

The Global Audience Rainforest Journalism Fund makes grants to journalists reporting for wide-reaching major news media outlets on tropical rainforests in any part of the world. The projects could focus on tropical forests’ role in the overall climate equation and weather patterns, and the consequences for human life and living conditions caused by deforestation. Most awards fall in the range of US$5 thousand to US$15 thousand, but depending on project specifics may be higher. Proposals are welcome on a rolling basis. Global Audience Rainforest Journalism Fund