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STEAM Future Makers — Clean Energy Competition

STEAM Future Makers seeks ideas and creative solutions for clean, sustainable, and accessible energy. This competition is open to anyone above 18 years of age from anywhere in the world. Individual contestants are encouraged, however teams of up to three people are allowed to participate via one submission. Ten finalists will be selected and awarded US$1,000 each. Select contestants may receive additional funding for prototype development, if required. Ideas have to be submitted by 31 May 2021. Clean Energy Competition

United Nations — Good Food for All Competition

The UN seeks applications for its Food Systems Summit competition ‘Best Small Business: Good Food for All’ to identify the best small and medium-sized enterprises from across the world transforming food systems. Small businesses around the world that help provide healthy food that is good for the environment, good for their communities and create jobs for people locally are invited to apply. Each of the 50 finalists will receive a US$2,000 cash prize. The competition is open to any small to medium sized enterprises (5-250 employees). The competition runs until 04 June 2021. Best Small Business Competition

Aqua for All and World Waternet — Award for Innovative Sanitation and Health Water Treatment

Aqua for All, World Waternet and Accenture seek entrepreneurs and innovators with breakthrough ideas and technologies for an integrated, collection, transport and treatment system of wastewater and human waste in urban settings. The 2021 theme for the challenge is ‘Sanitation and Health’. Winners have the chance to win up to €100 thousand for implementation of their solution. The application is open to any registered entity, with a market based sanitation solution. Applications are due by 05 June 2021. Sanitation and Health

International Fund for Agricultural Development — Climate Best Practices

International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) provides a three-year grant to implement the project “Strengthening Borrowers’ Capacity on Environmental, Social and Climate Best Practices” (SUSTAIN) for a total IFAD grant of US$2 million. The applicant should propose some level of cash and in-kind co-financing. The recipient can be a non-profit organization, university, vocational training provider, private sector company or research institute. The deadline to receive proposals is 08 June 2021. More info

Africa Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum — AWIEF Awards 2021

Each year, the Africa Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum Awards recognize Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners in Africa for their economic performance and contribution to Africa’s growth and social development. There are 8 award categories, including agribusiness and renewable energy. Nominations should only be made relating to achievements made by a female entrepreneur and national of an African country. Nominees can be nominated or self-nominated. The deadline for entries is 14 June 2021. Know more

Estee Lauder — Inspiring Women in Science

The Nature Research Awards for Inspiring Women in Science are open for applications. The prize awards initiatives that support girls or young women to engage with STEM subjects or increase the retention of women in STEM careers. STEM includes natural sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine. The winners of the Nature Research Awards for Inspiring Women in Science will receive US$40 thousand. The Prize accepts applications from organizations, departments, individuals or project teams. Entries must be submitted by 20 June 2021. Nature Research Awards

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service — African Elephant Conservation Fund

The African Elephant Conservation Fund invites project proposals for the conservation of African elephants. Grants are for applied research, training, conservation management, community outreach, law enforcement, decreased human-wildlife conflicts, and other activities in elephant conservation. Grants range from US$100 thousand to US$400 thousand for conservation projects at priority sites, but requests for smaller grants are also welcomed. Eligibility for funding extends to qualified individuals; nonprofit NGOs, institutions of higher education; multi-national secretariats; and government agencies in elephant range states. The application deadline is 25 June 2021. African Elephant Conservation Fund

European Commission — Conflict and Climate Change

The European Commission aims to support communities and authorities to prevent and mitigate conflict resulting from climate change. The priorities of this call are climate change adaptation and mitigation measures, peace-building and conflict prevention efforts, encourage closer collaboration between climate change and peacebuilding experts and activists, and encourage participative conflict sensitive design and implementation of climate change responses. Any grant requested under this call for proposals must fall between €1.5 million and €3 million. Eligibility extends to international organizations, non-profit organizations and private companies. The application deadline is 26 June 2021. Link

U.S. Department of State — Endangered Species in Traditional Chinese Medicine

The U.S. Department of State seeks public outreach projects to address demand for endangered and protected species in Traditional Chinese Medicine. One or two cooperative agreements for up to US$600 thousand will be awarded to support developing countries to reduce demand for the use of endangered species in traditional medicine. Objectives are to increase awareness of the wide variety of negative consequences of the use of endangered and protected species and to reduce demand for these traditional medicines. Eligibility is limited to US and foreign non-profit organizations, educational institutions and public international organizations. Applications must be submitted by 26 June 2021. More details here

Milken-Motsepe Prize — AgriTech Competition

The Milken-Motsepe Prize in AgriTech is a global competition for innovative solutions that address problems faced by farmers on small to medium-sized farms in Africa. to increase economic value to farmers. Teams submit a design and business model. An independent panel of expert judges will then select up to 25 teams to receive US$10 thousand each and advance in the competition. Registration is open to anyone (anywhere in the world), with a US$1 million grand prize available for the winning team, and US$1 million in additional prizes. The application deadline for designs is 08 December 2021. AgriTech Competition