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Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves — Women’s Empowerment Fund

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves welcomes applications for the fourth annual Women’s Empowerment Fund (WEF). The WEF is a financing mechanism to scale business models for women’s entrepreneurship in projects to advance household energy. The WEF will award up to four grants in the range of US$75 thousand to US$150 thousand for one year. The Alliance will give preference to enterprises owned and managed by women in the following countries: Bangladesh,China, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda. However, qualified organizations operating in other countries are also encouraged to apply. Applicants must be a registered partner of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves prior to the application deadline. Organizations that are not currently partners can learn how to register from information published on the website. The application deadline is 02 April 2017. Link

Research Council of Norway — Research Exchanges and Events Related to Climate Change

Norway’s Large-scale Climate Programme (KLIMAFORSK) is a 10-year initiative on climate research. To foster international cooperation, the program supports Norwegians traveling internationally, international researchers visiting Norway, and events that promote the KLIMAFORSK objectives. Applications are submitted by Norwegian institutions. The application deadline is 26 April 2017. Link

UK Natural Environment Research Council — Fellowships in Green Urban Infrastructure

The UK’s NERC invites applications for Knowledge Exchange Fellowships that address issues and opportunities around green infrastructure in urban areas of the UK or developing countries. The objective is to influence local policymakers and businesses to support the development of urban green zones, urban ecosystem services, sustainable drainage systems, and other examples of green infrastructure. Eligibility to apply extends to applicants based in UK higher education institutions, and to NERC research centres and independent research organisations approved by NERC (if the science the work builds on was funded by NERC). Private, public, and third-sector organisations are eligible as end users and as partners in proposals. The deadline for applications is 27 April 2017. Link

European Commission — Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development in South America

The EC will make grants in support of forest conservation and sustainable development in the region of dry forests, chaco, cerrado, and pantanal regions corresponding to ZICOSUR in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay. Project activities should focus on ecosystem conservation; support for sustainable economic development; strengthening of environmental governance; and provision of local services such as community water supply. Grants will range from €1 million to €2.5 million, varying with cost shares. Eligibility for funding extends to civil society organizations established in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay. Reference EuropeAid/154653/DD/ACT/Multi. The closing date for summary proposals is 04 May 2017. Link

International Center for Climate Governance — Best Climate Practices

The Best Climate Practices contest for 2017 focuses on actionable ideas and concrete projects to support urban and/or rural communities in preparing and responding to climate disasters, improving local resilience through enhanced preparedness (ex-ante), and/or capacity to recover (ex-post). The contest is open to individuals, teams, or organizations regardless of nationality, age, or qualifications. The contest winner will be awarded €3 thousand. The deadline for submissions is 31 May 2017. Link

Energy and Environmental Partnership Mekong — Support for Project Preparation

The Energy and Environment Partnership Programme with the Mekong Region (EEP Mekong) is funded by Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs to improve access to sustainable energy in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. EEP Mekong offers grants to facilitate project preparation in the participating countries. The focus of preparation support will be feasibility studies on clean energy, particularly bioenergy and W2E projects, in both the public and private sectors. Other types of preparation support (cost-benefit analysis, environmental impact studies, etc.) will be considered case-by-case. EEP Mekong will fund up to 80% of the feasibility studies or other preparation costs. Proposed projects should have a minimum capital investment of €500 thousand. Applications can be submitted through 31 December 2017. Link