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Triodos Foundation

Grants for grassroots projects that include (holistic) health, development, equal access, emancipation, food, and biodiversity

Principal Office: Netherlands

Triodos Bank, established by the Triodos Foundation, focuses on financial support for sustainable “green” organizations in sectors such as agriculture and energy. The Triodos Foundation has the objective to promote social innovation, and to contribute to an ethical use of money.

The Foundation’s thematic areas Health & Development, Equal Access & Emancipation and Food & Biodiversity.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

International Cooperation. This thematic area includes grassroots projects in organic agriculture, food, biodiversity, and animal welfare. The international program also makes grants for health and education. All grant recipients are non-profit organizations, such as foundations or associations. Grant recipients have to be based in the Netherlands but may work in collaboration with partners in developing countries. A recommendation by a Dutch acquaintance is not sufficient for application.

Find the focus areas

APPLICATION: Applications are presented to the Foundation by email. There is no application form, or fixed application format.

Applicants explain the motivation for their request; background about the applicant’s organization; project goals; personnel who will participate; project partners; project time schedule and budget; and supplementary information that justifies why the project is important.

The Foundation provides contact information for submitting requests.

About how to apply

(Note: Only organizations based in the Netherlands will be supported. A recommendation of a Dutch acquaintance is not sufficient.)

Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries

Worldwide (Note: The applying organization has to be based in the Netherlands)

The Foundation’s website is available in Dutch (use internet translation, if required).

The Foundation offers contact information for its office in Zeist, Netherlands.

September 2021