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Stockholm Resilience Center

Grants in support of improved knowledge and communication about the relationships among biodiversity, poverty alleviation, equity, and sustainable livelihoods

Principal Office: Sweden

The Stockholm Resilience Center supports trans-disciplinary research for the governance of social-ecological systems. The special emphasis is resilience, which is the ability to deal with change and to continue to develop.

The Stockholm Resilience Center hosts SwedBio.  SwedBio aims to enable knowledge generation, dialogue, and exchange which contribute to poverty alleviation, equity, sustainable livelihoods, and social-ecological systems rich in biodiversity.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

SwedBio Collaborative Program. SwedBio contributes to ideas, methods, and policies regarding how biodiversity, ecosystem services, and resilience help sustain livelihoods.

SwedBio believes in the importance of promoting an exchange of views among grass-roots levels, the science community, and policy and decision makers.

Preferred partners in SwedBio include regional and international network organizations; action-oriented research institutes; think-tank institutions; and civil society organizations based in developing countries.

About the program

APPLICATION: SwedBio posts an overview to describe the scope, priorities, and criteria of its Collaborative Program.

Organizations that want to be considered for potential partnerships contact the staff at SwedBio for details, or use the program’s email address.

About collaboration possibilities

Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries


The Stockholm Resilience Center defines research interests across a wide range of issues connecting the natural and social sciences.

SwedBio offers contact details.

 January 2016