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Roddenberry Foundation

Innovative social enterprise to address urgent issues worldwide

Principle Office: USA

The Roddenberry Foundation aims to promote inclusion, diversity, and respect for life to drive social change and to meaningfully improve the lives of people around the world, including in the developing countries.

The Foundation makes grants to support early-stage ideas that address urgent challenges. It also sponsors a prize competition to crowd-source innovative solutions, and a fellowships program to support activist social entrepreneurs.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

1 — Catalyst Fund. The Catalyst Fund makes small grants for ideas that are early-stage, unconventional, and innovative. It favors bold ideas that depart from the status quo, and that look at a problem and its solution in a new light. There are no restrictions by theme or place (and may include the subjects of the Terra Viva Grants Directory).

Proposals can take the form of cutting-edge products, experimental programs, new services, inventions, etc.

Eligibility for funding extends to anyone in the world — individuals and teams. Grants range from US$2 thousand to US$15 thousand

APPLICATION: The Fund accepts applications on a continuous basis with no deadlines. Applications are made online.

From time to time, the Fund will post a request for proposals for a specific problem it finds particularly compelling or underfunded.

About the grants, and how to apply

2 — Roddenberry Prize. The Roddenberry Prize is a competition to discover and award innovative solutions for a boldly better future. The Prize can be awarded in any subject area, including environment. The five best ideas are awarded a total of US$1 million.

APPLICATION: The Roddenberry Prize welcomes applications from individuals, businesses, and non-profits from around the world.

Applications are submitted online before a calendar deadline.

About the prize, and how to apply

3 — Roddenberry Fellowship. The Roddenberry Fellowship provides financial support of US$50 thousand during one year to activist social entrepreneurs who are leading with bold ideas in defined thematic areas. The Fellowships is limited to US applicants.

About the fellowship

Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries


The Foundation honors the legacy of Gene Roddenberry, creator of the Star Trek television series.

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September 2021