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Right Livelihood Award Foundation

Award to individuals and organizations for outstanding work on behalf of the planet and its people

Principal Office: Sweden

The Right Livelihood Award was established in 1980 to honor and support individuals and organization that offer practical and exemplary answers to the world’s urgent contemporary challenges.

The aims of the Right Livelihood Award are to promote scientific research, education, public understanding, and practical activities which:

  • Contribute to a global ecological balance;
  • Strive to eliminate material and spiritual poverty; and
  • Contribute to lasting peace and justice in the world.
Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

Right Livelihood Award. The Award is given for “outstanding vision and work on behalf of our planet and its people.” The Foundation makes its awards to individuals and organizations that demonstrate courage, wisdom, and action in support of a healthy environment and healthy societies.

Past laureates include several in areas of environmental clean-up, forest conservation, land rights of smallholder farmers, and others that connect environmental causes with social justice.

Normally, the Foundation makes four awards each year. The cash awards are intended for work in progress, or the extension of existing activities.

About the award

APPLICATION: The Foundation accepts proposals from anyone to nominate any individual or organization for the Right Livelihood Awards. (Exceptions: The Foundation does not accept self-nominations, nominations of close relatives, or nominations of staff and jury of the Foundation.)

The nominator states the candidate’s special qualifications for an Award, along with supporting information and the names and addresses of additional references (when possible).

The candidate submits biographical and other information either jointly with the proposer, or after the Foundation has received a valid proposal.

There is an annual deadline for nominations.

About how to nominate

Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries


The profiles of past laureates suggest the qualifications and levels of achievement that are needed in order for a nomination to win an Award.

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