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Purley Overseas Trust

Grants for small-scale projects in agriculture, energy, and natural resources

Principal Office: UK

The Purley Overseas Trust (POST) aims to address the problems of deprivation in the developing world by supporting grassroots projects which allow people to help themselves.

POST makes grants for small-scale projects across a range of interests that include agriculture, water supply, energy, and others.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

Grants for grassroots development. The Trust makes small grants to address basic needs in terms of healthy diet, clean water, and access to medical aid and education.

Recent projects include examples in agriculture, water supply, energy (micro-hydro, cooking stoves), and forest management – among others.

Link to map of recent projects

Grant recipients are development-oriented charities in the UK and internationally.

There is no limit on grant size, but most are in the range of £200 to £1,000.

APPLICATION: POST uses an online application form. Applicants identify their organization; annual turnover; references; the project for which funds are being requested; the amount requested; and other means of support.

There is no application deadline.

About how to apply

(Note: Because of the current situation worldwide, POST is temporarily closed applications for funding.)

Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries


POST identifies its committee members.

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