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One Percent for the Planet

Financial contributions from businesses to nonprofit organizations focused on environmental sustainability

Principal Office: USA

One Percent for the Planet encourages businesses to financially support the global environment. Businesses participating in One Percent commit 1% of their sales revenues to support environmental organizations.

One Percent has a facilitation role. Business members register with One Percent in order to be allowed to use the “1%” logo in their publicity. Nonprofit organizations register with One Percent in order to be eligible to receive funding from the businesses.

One Percent does not engage in receiving or distributing the funding. The member companies directly select which partner organizations to support.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

Environmental sustainability. One Percent for the Planet accepts applications from nonprofit organizations anywhere in the world that are focused on issues of environmental sustainability.

The range of environmental issues is very broad to include air quality, alternative energy, alternative transportation, biodiversity, climate change, development, ecotourism, environmental education, environmental health, environmental justice, forests, oceans, resource extraction, rivers, sustainable agriculture, watersheds, wetlands, and wildlife conservation.

The fields of action likewise are broad to include community participation, education, information diffusion, product sales, advocacy, litigation, research, conservation field projects, advisory services, grant making, and others.

Approved nonprofit organizations become partners at One Percent. The nonprofit partners are eligible for funding from the member businesses.

APPLICATION: Nonprofit organizations require a private link from a current member and/or staff to become partners. There is no public application process at this time.

About how it works

Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries


One Percent posts databases of registered business members and nonprofit partners.

One Percent is open to individual members who wish to pledge 1% of their salary or volunteer time (valued at $29 USD/hour) to support environmental organizations.

The FAQs in the ‘our model’ section are a helpful summary of how the program works.

One Percent posts contact information.

September 2021