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Conservation, Food, and Health Foundation

Grants for community conservation, small-scale agriculture, and community health (e.g., including issues related to water and pollution

Principal Office: USA

The Conservation, Food, and Health Foundation (CFHF) provides support for the conservation of natural resources, the production and distribution of food, and the improvement and promotion of health in the developing world.

Grants are for capacity building, field projects, and applied research in the Foundation’s three areas of interest.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

The Foundation’s program areas are summarized below.

1 — Conservation. The CFHF makes grants for conserving ecosystems and protecting biological diversity in developing countries. The grants promote conservation advocacy and community outreach; support capacity building to strengthen local conservation organizations; and fund activities in field conservation.

2 — Food. Grants support sustainable practices in small-scale agriculture; address fuel and resource problems related to food production and preparation; promote new approaches for controlling crop pests and diseases; and educate and train small-scale agriculturalists.

3 — Health. Projects are for research, technical assistance, and training to support health promotion, disease prevention, family planning, and reproductive health at the community level. Some projects focus on improving the supply of drinking water, and correcting pollution problems.

CFHF makes grants to nonprofit charitable organizations in the USA, and to organizations outside the USA which have equivalent status. Grants are for one year, but applicants can re-apply for continuation. Most grants range from US$10 thousand to US$20 thousand.

APPLICATION (for 1-2-3 preceding): Applicants register online with CFHF. Once registered, applicants are able to submit a short concept application online in English.

Concept applications can be sent to CFHF at any time, but they must be received by specified calendar deadlines in order to be considered at the Foundation’s semi-annual meetings. The calendar cycle is posted.

CFHF invites full proposals from a limited number of the concept applications.

About how to apply

Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries


Note: The Foundation excludes the former Soviet Union and former Eastern Bloc countries of Europe from its geographic focus.

The Foundation’s frequently asked questions (FAQ) provide useful details for grant applicants.

The Foundation provides a template for LOIs for new applicants.

CFHF’s grants list shows the types of projects and organizations that get funded.

The Foundation offers complete contact information.

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