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Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force

Grants for projects which reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, and Peru

Principal Office: International

The Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force (GCF) aims to reduce carbon emissions by slowing tropical deforestation and degradation. The GCF Task Force comprises states and provinces in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Spain, and the USA.

The GCF takes the position that state and provincial governments, in collaboration with civil society partners, can play an important role in promoting low-emissions rural development.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

Funding. The GCF makes grants for projects which directly or indirectly reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Peru.

Eligibility for funding is open to civil society organizations and government organizations in the participating states and provinces of the GCF countries.

APPLICATION: The Fund announces periodic requests for proposals (RFPs). Each RFP includes funding priorities; application guidelines; evaluation criteria; and an application deadline.

The Fund favors proposals that include partnerships among multiple GCF participants.

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Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries

Southeast Asia and Pacific Islands: Indonesia

Sub-Saharan Africa: Nigeria, Ivory Coast

Latin America and Caribbean: Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Colombia

The GCF provides a Resource Library of information from individual GCF member states and provinces on current status and trends.