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Energy Foundation

Grants in support of energy efficiency and renewable energy to combat climate change, emphasizing the USA and China

Principal Office: USA

The Energy Foundation is a partnership of major donors interested in solving the world’s energy problems. Its mission is to advance energy efficiency and renewable energy, with a focus on the USA and China.

The program Energy Foundation China makes grants for planning, policies, research, and training to improve energy efficiency and to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions in China.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

Energy Foundation China. The program aims to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy by supporting policy solutions that create robust, competitive markets.

Transportation — Clean vehicles and alternative transportation options in China;

Electric Utilities — Shifting electric utilities in China away from electricity generated by burning fossil fuels towards energy efficiency and renewable energy;

Renewable Energy – Policies that establish aggressive targets for deploying national and provincial renewable energy in China;

Low-Carbon Development Paths — Reduced carbon emissions and air pollution in Chinese cities by promoting sustainable urbanization and transportation;

Environmental Management — Research, impact studies, cost-benefit analysis, and other examinations of China’s environmental laws, policies, and standards as they affect environmental quality in China;

Sustainable Cities — Analytical tools to help China’s energy planners anticipate future impacts of current policy decisions, and develop scenarios of sustainable energy for urban development.

About Energy Foundation China


Grant eligibility extends to organizations in China and the USA. They include Chinese research institutes and foundations; universities; professional organizations, societies, and academies; energy technology centers; policy groups and think tanks; state-owned energy companies; regulatory agencies; and NGOs.

Applicants from the USA generally need to be tax-exempt charitable organizations.

Most grants by Energy Foundation China range from US$20 thousand to US$200 thousand for periods of one or two years.

APPLICATION: Potentially interested applicants should study the Foundation’s grant-making guidelines, criteria, and restrictions.

The Foundation encourages grant seekers to write a brief letter of inquiry (LOI) to describe the project, its purpose, and the amount of funding requested. If the Foundation is interested, it will request a full proposal.

LOI’s are not mandatory. Grant seekers who are certain that their project fits the criteria can submit full proposals. Each proposal requires an application in English, a project description (translated into English), and supporting documents.

The Foundation accepts proposals on a continuous basis. There are no specific deadlines. However, LOIs and project proposals need to arrive approximately twelve weeks in advance of a board meeting to be considered at that meeting.

About how to apply

Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries

East Asia: China

The Energy Foundation’s website is available in English. The Energy Foundation China has its own website in English and Chinese.

Contact Us provides information for the Foundation’s offices in San Francisco and Beijing.