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DOEN Foundation

Grants for projects in sustainable energy and green enterprise

Principal Office: Netherlands

The DOEN Foundation is the receiving fund of the three Dutch charity lotteries. The Foundation promotes pioneers in social and cultural innovation in combating climate change; cultivating an open society based on cohesion; and promoting the new economy.

DOEN states its policy to use subsidies (grants) where necessary, and loans where possible.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

Green Initiatives. The Foundation’s Green Initiatives focus on:

  • Sustainable energy (Netherlands, Africa, Asia);
  • Social entrepreneurs with innovative products or services; and
  • Fair and sustainable food initiatives.

Link to Sustainable Energy

Link to Circular Entrepreneuship

Link to Sustainable Food Systems

DOEN makes grants to legally registered organizations in the Netherlands and other countries that meet the Foundation’s policies, priorities, and guidelines.

APPLICATIONS: DOEN posts grant-making criteria, restrictions, and an application form (Dutch and English).

There are no minimum or maximum grant amounts. However, DOEN’s policy is to fund no more than one-third of a project’s budget.

An application may be submitted to DOEN at any time, but it should reach DOEN at least four months before the planned start of a project. DOEN decides whether to accept the application for further consideration. If necessary, the applicant is asked to provide more information.

About how to apply

Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries


DOEN’s website is available in Dutch and English.

Annual reports (Dutch and English) include the Foundation’s funded projects.

DOEN provides useful guidelines for grant applicants in its frequently asked questions (FAQ).

DOEN posts contact information for its office in Amsterdam.

November 2020