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Yves Rocher Foundation

Prizes to women for projects in environmental conservation, especially plant protection

Principal Office: France

The Yves Rocher Foundation was founded in 1991 by Jaques Rocher, son of Yves Rocher, who developed a line of women’s beauty products based on plants and herbs.

Since 2000, the Foundation has awarded cash prizes to “Women of the Earth” (Prix Terre de Femmes) to recognize women who help protect and enhance the plant world.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

1 — Women of the Earth. The prizes honor adult women (age 18 and over) for achievements in active projects of environmental conservation at the community level. The program is active in France and selected other countries, mainly in Europe.

Categories are environmental education, conservation, and solidarity. Preference is for actions which directly or indirectly contribute to plant protection, broadly defined.

The countries which compete in Women of the Earth vary from year to year. In addition to the national awards, the Foundation annually makes an international grand prize.

Eligibility for the awards extends to women who are volunteers, work for non-profit organizations, or in other ways represent civil society. Women of the Earth include several in Europe whose projects focus in the developing world.

Prizes range from €3 thousand to €10 thousand.

APPLICATION: Each year, the Foundation publishes guidelines and an application form. The guidelines specify which countries are eligible to participate in a given year.

Guidelines and application forms on the internet are available in French and some of the languages of other eligible countries. The Foundation also invites applications through the Yves Rocher stores and national print media in relevant countries.

An application requires a project description; a summary of accomplishments; a statement regarding how the prize money will be used; and supplementary materials such as photos and project budgets.

Applications are submitted before the calendar deadline.

About the Prize, and how to participate

2 — International Award. The Terre de Femmes International Award honors a woman or a collective of women committed to improving general awareness and understanding of seeds.

The aim is to promote the key role played by seeds and seed reproduction in safeguarding the planet’s nutritive heritage and biodiversity.

The prize is €10 thousand.

APPLICATION: Each year, the Foundation publishes guidelines and an application form. Guidelines and application forms are available in French, English and Spanish.

Applications are submitted before the calendar deadline.

About the Award, and how to participate

3 — Photography Award. The Yves Rocher Foundation Photography Award is awarded to a professional photographer who wishes to make a journalistic study of issues relating to the environment, humanity’s relationship with the planet, or the core challenges to sustainability.

Eligibility extends to professional photojournalists who are able to write and speak in French or English.

The winner receives €8 thousand.

APPLICATION: Each year, the Foundation publishes guidelines and an application form.

Applications are submitted before the calendar deadline.

About the Photography Award, and how to apply

Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries


The Foundation posts profiles of previous prize winners.

Each year, the international awards ceremony for Women of the Earth is held on International Women’s Day (08 March).

Conservation of the plant world is a major emphasis of the Foundation, which contributes to the establishment and upkeep of botanical, historical, and medicinal gardens around the world.

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