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Wild Planet Trust

Grants to Individuals undertaking Nature Conservation Projects

Principal Office: UK

The Wild Planet Trust (formerly known as Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust) is a registered education, scientific, and conservation charity based in Devon, UK. The Trust makes grants in the UK and internationally to conserve species and habitats.

The Trust identifies its strategic priorities as:

  • In-situ conservation of species and habitats;
  • Ex-situ conservation of threatened species;
  • Environmental education;
  • Conservation advocacy: shaping behavior-change for the benefit of biodiversity.


Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

Nature Conservation Projects. The Wild Planet Trust awards grants to individuals undertaking projects in nature conservation. Activities may involve practical habitat or species management, research, training, education, awareness raising, or campaigning.

The Trust has a rolling program of areas of interest for funding, which will change for each round of applications.

Grants typically range from £500 to £1,500. The Trust does not support applications where the total cost of the project exceeds £15 thousand.

APPLICATION: The Trust posts its priorities for grant making; an online application form; and guidelines for successful applications. Each application requires a letter of support from an independent referee.

(Note: At the time of this update, the Trust is not accepting applications for grants.)

About the program, and how to apply

Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries


(Note: Most grants up to date have been made to projects in Sub-Saharan Africa or Southeast Asia.)

In the UK, the Trust owns three zoos in southwest England in addition to two local nature reserves and a National Nature Reserve. The Trust’s international conservation projects have a strategic relationship to the work of its zoos.

The Trust accepts visiting researchers who wish to carry out independent study within the Trust’s zoos or reserves.

In cooperation with colleges and universities, the Trust provides a student placement program designed to enable students to gain experience in a wide range of conservation techniques.

The Trust offers complete contact information.

January 2021