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Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Grants for education, research, and public awareness in tropical ecology and conservation

Principal Office: USA

The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) is dedicated to understanding tropical ecology and biological diversity. STRI’s facilities in Panama provide for ecological studies in terrestrial and marine environments.

STRI’s program areas connect research, education and training, and conservation. It defines its mission around the following themes:

  • Promoting scientific research and training in tropical ecology;
  • Supporting conservation policy, research, and education; and
  • Contributing to public understanding and awareness of tropical environments.

STRI funds research grants as well as several types of fellowships, field courses, and other collaboration opportunities.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

1 — ForestGEO. The Research Grants Program of the Forest Global Earth Observatory (ForestGEO) provides funding opportunities for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and senior researchers to use existing Forest Dynamics Sites and conduct research.

The Grants Program supports research projects (of up to US$15 thousand) directly tied to ForestGEO Forest Dynamics Sites, including projects requiring fieldwork, site data analysis, or the generation of complementary data that strengthens ForestGEO programs.

About the program

APPLICATION: The program publishes calls for proposals for job opportunities and research funding.

About how to apply

 2 — Academic Programs. STRI’s academic programs offer fellowships, internships, and field courses. Some programs are restricted to candidates from universities in Latin America.

About academic programs

APPLICATION:STRI posts eligibility criteria, application guidelines, application forms, and calendar deadlines. Consult the information for each category below.

About how to apply for fellowships

About how to apply for internships

About how to apply for field courses

  3 — Visiting ScientistsThe STRI offers the use of its facilities in Panama to support the research projects of international scientists.

APPLICATION: Applications (for research and permits) need to be submitted at least four months before the proposed project begins. The request is made online.

Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries

STRI’s main activities are based in Panama. Additionally, the Center for Tropical Forest Science is represented in the following developing regions.

Southeast Asia and Pacific Islands

East Asia

South Asia

Sub-Sahara Africa

Latin America and Caribbean

STRI has about 35 permanent staff scientists and dozens of postdoctoral fellows and associates, and it hosts several hundred visiting scientists and students each year.

STRI publishes news on tropical forest science.

STRI provides contact information for its offices in Panama and Washington.

January 2021