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Shared Earth Foundation

Grants for environmental conservation in the USA and internationally

Principal Office: USA

The Shared Earth Foundation provides support for organizations that promote protection and restoration of habitat for the broadest possible biodiversity; foster respect for other species and individual creatures; work to limit detrimental human impact on the planet; and further the inherent right of all creatures to share the Earth.

The Foundation funds primarily, though not exclusively, small organizations. It provides general support as well as project funds in the USA and internationally.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

Support for environmental conservationThe grant-making interests of the Shared Earth Foundation include wildlife protection; applied ecological research; community-based conservation; education and public awareness in environmental issues; and environmental policy.

Shared Earth makes grants to tax-exempt charitable organizations registered in the USA. Among them are conservation NGOs that have international programs; zoos and botanical gardens; and policy organizations that promote environmental causes.

Most grants range from US$5 thousand to US$10 thousand.

About the program (grants made)

APPLICATION: Applicants describe their organization; the project and its objectives; qualifications to implement the project; project strategy and action plan; project timeline; and the total project budget and sources of funding.

The Foundation specifies supporting materials to accompany the application.

Note: At the time of this update, the Foundation is not accepting new partners or unsolicited applications.

About how to apply

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