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Safari Club International Foundation

Grants for wildlife management and conservation

Principal Office: USA

The Safari Club International Foundation (SCIF) funds and manages worldwide programs in wildlife conservation, environmental education, and humanitarian services.

SCIF’s conservation programs include regional sub-programs for each of Africa, Asia, and North America.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

Wildlife management and conservation. SCIF makes grants for wildlife management, research, and enforcement. Most funded projects focus on the habitats and wildlife species of special interest at SCIF, i.e., the world’s “big game” species.

SCIF makes Conservation Matching Grants to Safari Club Chapters in support of conservation projects.

APPLICATION: An application includes information about the purpose and goal of the project; matching funds; project partners; project methods and timetable; expected results; social, political, and economic benefits of the project; and qualifications of the applicant’s organization and its partners.

SCIF’s local chapters can apply for matching grants of up to US$2 thousand per project per year from the Foundation. Applications are reviewed twice a year.

About conservation grants, and how to apply

Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries

SCIF has programs for North America, Asia, and Africa. In the geographical framework of the Terra Viva Grants Directory, this corresponds to the following regions.

Southeast Asia and Pacific Islands

East Asia

South Asia

Eurasia and Central Asia

Sub-Saharan Africa

SCIF takes the view that responsible hunting plays an important role in the science of wildlife conservation, and in the generation of revenue to help pay for it.

The Foundation’s educational programs include competitive scholarships to university students in the USA who are concentrating in natural resources (particularly wildlife sciences) and related fields of study. SCI also funds a variety of youth programs in conservation science and outdoor education.

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