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Rainforest Trust

Establishment and expansion of protected areas in the tropics

Principal Office: USA

Rainforest Trust aims to save wildlife habitat by purchasing and protecting tropical forest lands in partnership with local conservation organizations in the world’s tropical regions.

The Trust works with partners to establish new protected areas and expand existing ones, such as around national parks. Rainforest Trust has a target to protect 20 million acres of threatened tropical habitats by the year 2020.

In addition to land acquisition, Rainforest Trust helps build the capacity of its partner organizations.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

Funding for New Protected Areas. The Rainforest Trust seeks partnerships for projects that create new protected areas or expand existing protected areas using tools such as land purchase; designation as national parks; nature reserves; community reserves; and conversion of logging, mining, or other types of extractive concessions to formally protected areas.

The Trust uses IUCN’s World Database of Protected Areas to determine if the area is already recognized as protected before moving forward with potential projects.

Partners in Rainforest Trust projects should be NGOs based in the country of the proposed protected area.

Additionally, the Trust provides Rapid Protected-Area Feasibility Awards to encourage conservationists and researchers to evaluate important potential sites for creating new protected areas. Awards average US$5 thousand.

About the program

APPLICATION: Applicants fill out a questionnaire to determine if the proposed protected area meets the criteria of the Rainforest Trust. Applications are reviewed multiple times per year.

Link to Eligibility Questionnaire

Applicants for the Feasibility Awards download a form on the Trust’s website, which can be submitted at any time.

Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries

Worldwide (tropical regions)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) gives an overview of how Rainforest Trust operates.

Rainforest Trust’s current and past projects.

Contact Us provides complete information.

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