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Mitsubishi Corporation

Grants for biodiversity conservation, environmental education, and sustainable development

Principal Office: Japan

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) is among Japan’s largest international trading companies, operating in approximately 80 countries and in virtually every industrial sector.

Through its programs of corporate citizenship, Mitsubishi makes grants for environmental conservation and sustainable development in the Americas, Europe and Africa, and Asia and Oceania.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

Thematic interests of Mitsubishi’s environmental interests include (but are not limited to):

  • Conservation of ecosystems and wildlife (terrestrial and marine);
  • Education and research in ecology and conservation;
  • Global warming and alternative energy;
  • Sustainable agriculture, horticulture, forestry, and land and estate management;
  • Indigenous peoples in relation to environment; and
  • Environmental training for scientists and teachers.

1 — Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation for the Americas. MC’s Foundation for the Americas provides funding for environmental causes throughout the Americas in environmental education; biodiversity conservation; environmental justice; and sustainable development.

Grants are made to organizations which have charitable nonprofit status.

Most grants range from US$10 thousand to US$300 thousand for projects of one to five years.

About the program


2 — Mitsubishi Corporation Fund for Europe and Africa. MC’s Fund for Europe and Africa contributes to environment and development projects in Europe and Africa in environmental conservation; education of the public in environmental conservation; and poverty alleviation.

Grants are made to charitable nonprofit organizations and academic institutions in the UK, Europe, and Africa.

Most grants range from £20 thousand to £150 thousand.

About the program

APPLICATION: The two foundations (Americas; Europe and Africa) follow similar but separate grant-making processes and criteria.

Grant seekers should consult the guidelines and lists of representative grants.

Grant seekers briefly describe how their programs or projects fit MC’s grant-making objectives; summarize activities they propose to be supported by the grant; and indicate the amount of the requested grant as well as other funding sources and amounts.

Link to the application form (MC Foundation for the Americas)


3 — Mitsubishi Corporation in Asia and Oceania. Mitsubishi’s grants for activities in Asia and Oceania are administered by the company’s program of Corporate Philanthropy at its global headquarters in Japan.

Grants are to nonprofit organizations in Japan and other countries of the Asia-Pacific region, including in the theme “Global Environment.”

Link to Corporate Philanthropy

Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries


Note: Applying the geographical structure of the Terra Viva Grants Directory, the MC Foundation for the Americas makes grants for activities in Latin America and Caribbean. The MC Fund for Europe and Africa makes grants for activities in all or part of Europe and Africa – even though its charter allows grants in any part of the world. MC’s grant making from its Japanese headquarters is for work in Asia and Oceania, here defined to refer to Southeast Asia and Pacific, East Asia, South Asia, and Eurasia and Central Asia.

The MC Fund for Europe and Africa posts selected projects.

MC’s Foundation for the Americas shares project highlights.

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