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Marisla Foundation

Grants for marine conservation, and for managing and reducing the use of toxic chemicals

Principal Office: USA

The Marisla Foundation is a private charitable institution in the USA, with office in southern California. The Foundation has two program areas for competitive grants, in addition to grants made directly by its Board of Directors.

The Foundation makes grants in a Human Services Program, and an Environment Program. The Environment Program promotes the conservation of biological diversity and sustainable ecosystem management.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

Environment. The Foundation’s primary environmental emphasis is conservation of marine resources in western North America, Chile, and the Western Pacific.

The Environment Program also makes grants for managing and reducing the use of toxic chemicals.

About programs


Eligibility for grants extends to tax-exempt charitable organizations in the USA, and to governmental entities. Most grants range from US$20 thousand to US$100 thousand.

APPLICATION: Marisla uses an online application process.

Interested grant seekers take an online eligibility quiz to validate that they are eligible.

The Foundation reviews applications quarterly, and it publishes the application deadlines for each quarter.

About how to apply

Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries

Southeast Asia and Pacific Islands

Latin America and Caribbean: Chile, Mexico

Apart from marine conservation and toxic chemicals, Marisla’s past grants for international environment include projects in primate conservation, organic agriculture, and Amazon conservation.

Some of the Foundation’s international funding is provided through donor-advised partners.

Marisla offers contact information.

January 2021