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Lighthouse Foundation

Support for research, education, and capacity building in coastal and marine conservation

Principal Office: Germany

The Lighthouse Foundation promotes science and research, teaching, culture, and the principles of environmentalism and international development in relation to the world’s seas and oceans.

The Foundation supports projects which aim to solve long-term problems in marine locations within the context of sustainable development. Thematic areas are:

  • Climate Change and the Rising Sea Level;
  • Fisheries and Marine Resources;
  • Education, Culture, Tourism, and Science; and
  • Sustainable Development and Oceans.
Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

Support for coastal and marine conservation. The Lighthouse Foundation is engaged in many facets of coastal and marine management, including the following examples among its funded projects:

  • Coastal and marine ecotourism at the community level;
  • Artisanal fisheries (management, equipment, processing, marketing);
  • Mariculture;
  • Training local government leaders on marine policy and management;
  • Lobbying against marine pollution;
  • Support for marine reserves;
  • Coastal and beach waste management;
  • Mangrove restoration and ecology.

Funded partners of the Lighthouse Foundation are conservation NGOs, community NGOs, universities and educational organizations, and government organizations. Most partners are based in the recipient countries, although some grants are to international and German organizations.

Most projects range from €5 thousand to €50 thousand, with some larger grants over €200 thousand (data from annual reports).

APPLICATION:The Foundation posts the criteria it considers when reviewing applications.

The Foundation states that it applies these criteria individually and flexibly. There is no application form.

Criteria for cooperation with the Foundation

Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries


The Foundation’s website is available in German, English, and Spanish. Some information is available in German only.

The Foundation offers ecological fellowships in Germany (information available in German only).

Grant seekers can study the Foundation’s ongoing and completed projects.

The Foundation provides complete contact information.

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