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Conservation Leadership Programme

Grants to support conservation field projects, research, and leadership skills of early-career conservationists in the developing world

Principal Office: UK

The Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) is a partnership of three international conservation organizations and the energy company BP. The conservation organizations are BirdLife International; Fauna & Flora International; and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

The CLP provides grants, training, advice, and networking support to promote the professional development of future conservation leaders.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

Grants for conservation leadership. CLP offers the following funding opportunities for early-career conservationists. Grants are made in a progressive order, so that successful applicants at the entry level have the opportunity to apply for continued funding at the next stage.

Future Conservationist Awards — Grants to high-potential teams for applied conservation projects combining research, action, and education and awareness of local stakeholders. The maximum grant is US$15 thousand for one year.

Conservation Follow-up Awards — Grants to exceptional teams who received Future Conservationist Awards, and who address continuing conservation objectives. The maximum grant is US$25 thousand.

Conservation Leadership Awards — Recipients of Future Conservationist Awards and Conservation Follow-Up Awards are awarded additional funding to consolidate their previous projects into larger efforts that build long-term capacity for conservation in the project areas. The maximum grant is US$50 thousand.

Kate Stokes Memorial Trust Award — These are grants for an additional US$5 thousand added to an exceptional Follow-Up or Leadership team.


The CLP makes grants to conservation teams of at least three persons. The team leader should be from the country where the project takes place (although co-leadership is possible). Additional criteria define the countries eligible for grants; the number of early-career conservationists per team; the status of the species and country; the project time frame; and other factors.

APPLICATION: Grants are made in annual cycles. Applications are submitted online in English.

CLP posts a descriptive profile of each type of award. It also provides grant guidelines, an application form, and the calendar deadline for submitting applications.

About the program, and how to apply

Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries


The Conservation Leadership Programme was previously called the BP Conservation Programme, with origins in the UK beginning in 1985.

Applicants should consult Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for an overview of the grants program.

CLP provides a searchable projects database.

Also important for grant seekers is the webpage Other Funding Sources.

Training offers international and local training courses as well as workshops for conservation leaders.

CLP’s maintains an Alumni Network for purposes of networking and mentoring. Alumni grants enable previous CLP participants to attend conferences, workshops, and short-term training on issues of biodiversity conservation.