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Conservation International

Project support and awards for conserving terrestrial and marine biological diversity on a global scale

Principal Office: USA

Conservation International (CI) is among the world’s largest non-governmental conservation organizations. It defines its mission as conserving the Earth’s living heritage and global biodiversity, and demonstrating that human societies are able to live harmoniously with nature.

CI’s conservation strategy is defined in relation to biodiversity “hot spots,” wilderness areas, and oceans and seascapes from a global perspective. CI supports numerous programs and partnerships for conservation, including grant making to civil society.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

1 — Partnering with Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities. CI works with communities in the form of conservation agreements to protect natural resources that they own or use. CI makes grants to these communities to pay for conservation actions and ecosystem services, and to offset lost opportunity in the case of previous resource extraction. CI makes grants for feasibility studies, followed by grants for longer-term implementation. CI seeks to establish endowments to provide continuous funding, and it invites partners (i.e., private, local government, and multilateral) to offer conservation sponsorships.

Grants for implementation are to local and indigenous communities in the conservation regions and corridors that comprise CI’s strategy.

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2 — Global Conservation Fund. The GCF supports expansion and long-term management of protected areas in biodiversity hot spots, wilderness areas, and important marine regions. The GCF makes grants for planning, project implementation, long-term financing, and technical assistance.

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APPLICATION (for 1-2 preceding): Each of these funds provides contact information. Potentially interested grant seekers should make inquiries with the identified CI staff.


4 – – Indigenous Leaders Conservation Fellowship. The fellowship supports leaders and scholars representing indigenous and traditional peoples in professional development and conservation research.

APPLICATION: CI posts calls for proposals to identify the themes of the fellowships, eligibility criteria, and how to apply.

About the Fellowship, and how to apply


5 – – Conservation Stewards Program. The Conservation Stewards Program (CSP) offers concrete benefits to rural farmers and local communities to protect the environment. Benefits typically include investments​ in social services like health and education as well as investments in livelihoods, often in the agricultural or fisheries sectors.

APPLICATION: Calls for letters of intent (LOIs) will be made available online through the Platform’s website.

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Annual reports include programmatic achievements, as well as CI’s financial data.

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