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Audubon Naturalist Society

Small grants for local conservation projects in developing countries

Principal Office: USA

The Audubon Naturalist Society administers the Crowder-Messersmith Fund to help local conservation and/or education projects in developing countries. The grants are intended as seed money for communities and individuals.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

Crowder-Messersmith Fund. The Fund honors Orville Crowder and Don Messersmith, leaders in nature tourism, as a means to further global nature conservation in the developing world.

The Fund gives preference to projects that will benefit human, plant, and animal communities of a particular habitat in an ecologically sustainable manner.

Applicants from countries other than the USA are especially encouraged to apply. U.S. researchers planning work internationally must have at least one local collaborator, and must consider how the project will benefit local communities.

Grants are a maximum of US$3 thousand for one year.

About the Fund

APPLICATION:The Fund offers application guidelines and an application form.

Applications describe the requesting organization; the project for which funds are requested; the relationship with previous work; and details of the budget.

There is one application period per year.

About how to apply

Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries


Since 1974, grants have provided more than 160 projects in over 55 countries with start-up funding. The Audubon Naturalist Society has administered the Fund since 1999.